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The Missy Sex Stories

Missy Works Out - And Jump Starts Rachel's Horny Husband

It's Saturday. Spring. I just love it when the weather first turns warm enough so I can go outside in my little shorts and halter top.

Then I remembered why I loved spring even more. I have this little egg shaped thing. I put it in my pussy when I go outside. It has wires so you can control the vibrations.

So this morning I remembered to put it in before I went out in the front to do my gardening. I was leaning over in the petunia bed with my digger when a woman and her man came by on the sidewalk.

"Don't look at that!" said the woman.

"But she's buzzing!" hissed the man.

I turned to look. They were middle aged. He had a bulge the size of a good baking potato going in there. I made eyes at him.

The woman yanked him away, but he cranked his head toward me just in case, so I flashed my titties--yep, just pulled up the halter. He just about came unglued, stumbling down the sidewalk, pulled along by his dried-up hag of a wife. Sometimes I wonder what it is about these women.

I did three petunias after that and then got bored. Truth be told the man looking at me and the vibes in my pussy had combined somehow to get me going. I went in and slithered out of my little pants. Then I flopped into the recliner and got my fingers going round and round my clit. That little egg will do it every time.

I like the hum as I strum my clitty. It goes with that squishy sound my cunt always makes when I get good and going. And boy was I going! I had my tummy bouncing, the chair creaking and everything. I couldn't hold back, you know when sometimes you want it to last? I couldn't wait though. My fingers were like really wet. I doubt I got this excited by the man himself. So I started thinking about him making his wife suck my clitty with her painted lips. He gets behind her and starts sliding his big dick into her hairy snatch. She doesn't exactly seem like she's with the program at first, but when he starts humping her she finally hits that wall of lust that overcomes people's senses and suddenly gets them so hot they just can't help themselves, and then she starts eating my clitty like it's the last good thing to suck on in the whole wide world. Sheesh, that thought's got me really hot. My little tummy tensed and my butt like lifted off the chair and then wham! It was like a train wreck inside there. The egg thingy plopped out onto the floor from my contractions. My little cunny was dripping. It almost made me want to start up again.

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But that tummy of mine needed its workout. Working out never fails to get me hot. But then what doesn't?

By the time I checked into the club and went to change there was a ruckus developing in the dressing room. In the middle of it all was this very pretty little thing. The others were all over her. Her clothing was ripped and somewhere along the line her pants had been pulled off and her panties ripped. The gals were mad at her, that was for sure.

I asked my friend Linda what this was all about. She said, "the bitch had a camera on her phone. She was going wild takin' shots of us."

"That sounds like fun!" I said.

Linda just looked at me like I had just told her I let Mike Pence flounce naked into my bedroom.

"Ok, you guys knock it off," I said. But you know my voice is sorta small and squeaky so the gals just twittered, "hehe."

Mandy had her fist around the girl's panty crotch and looked like she was either going to pull them off or sink that fist into the girl's gaping pussy. It was gaping because two of the other gals were holding her ankles about as far apart as they were going to go. She was shaved, that much I could tell.

But finally Mandy got up. She didn't release the panties though, so they were toast. The girl's naked pussy was hanging out for every eye to feast on, and many of the girls were getting stuffed. I caught Linda raking her hand through her blonde pubes sorta absentmindedly. I swear she grazed a fingernail over her clit.

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"She's all yours," said Mandy. She pointed at the girl and the gals let her legs out of their grasp and they fell to the floor with a thump. The girl snapped them together and looked at me like a scared puppy, her big brown eyes peeking out sadly from under her ruffled blonde bangs. After a minute her knees fell apart. Her clit was huge. She had me going there. I wanted her, you know, in that way.

As the gals filed back to their lockers the girl got herself to her feet somehow, clumsy like a pony getting up for the first time. "I'm Rachel," she said, putting her hand out.

I took it and squeezed. "I'm Missy. What's your story, Rachel?" I inquired like some kinda sympathetic cop. She squeezed back and smiled, which made my pussy twitch.

"Missy, I have a husband," Rachel started to say, seeming to apologize for hanging around someone who happened to have a dick between his legs. "He gets hot as hell when he sees other women. And even hotter if I provide the pictures. It's some sorta erotic aphrodisiac. It turn him on so much that sex is incredible, so much so that I crave the kind of sex we have when there's new pictures."

Just that moment Linda walked by and handed Rachel her phone back. Well, she didn't just hand it, she held it out and brushed her titty with it before Rachel could reach for it. Rachel didn't clamp down on it though; maybe she was thinking that she'd get more stimulation if she didn't. But Linda just handed her the phone and winked.

Rachel turned to me and continued, "See, I got thrown out of the last club. They were jerks. I thought this place was great. Lots of great bods here. But then they snatched my phone away..."

I couldn't help brushing her arm in sympathy. Ok, there was a little lust in there, too. Then her thumb started hitting a couple buttons on the phone. A picture came up on the screen. It was a pussy. Linda's, all dewy and pink.

Rachel blushed. I reached around and ran my hand over her butt like lovemaking in braille. Nice butt, round cheeks I wanted to squeeze but didn't.

"Rachel, if you let my lips suck on that big clitty of yours, you can take all the pics you want of me. But I have a better idea. I bet some of the gals will play along if we ask nice. What if we....well, we sorta take up where we left off. I mean, what if we record the girls ripping your clothes off, finding your big clit, and ravishing you. Hubby has to get a week-long boner out of that one, eh?"

Rachel seemed lost in thought, then started swaying, and in a few minutes was almost writhing, squeezing her thighs together like she had to go to the bathroom. "Jeez, Missy, that would be really sweet of you and your gals to ravish me for my sweet hubby," she huffed.

Now here was a girl I liked. She must never stop thinking about sex. You've got to take advantage of these women. I fell to my knees, pulled her thighs apart, and planted a big, wet kiss on that pearly knob of a swollen clit. I had wanted to get the girls together, but that could wait, now that I had this beauty of a girlfriend breathing heavily while I snaked a tongue into her sweet pussy. She lifted a leg and put it over my shoulder so I could get in there real good. She liked it quite a lot. He puffy breath and the thigh rhythmically pressing my face into her pussy made it quite clear.

"I told you so, I told you so," shouted Linda. I could hear the gals scamper over. "Told you she'd just have to clamp her lips on that thing!"

It turns out I didn't have to get the gang together for the big bang--not the one's who wouldn't pass up a good, slick pussy anyway. I could hear them huddling around. Legs brushed against me. There were those pussy smells in the air, and they weren't all from Rachel.

Some of the women's legs felt damp. Fresh out of the showers. I couldn't see how many, I had to get Rachel off before I'd let my tongue slither out of this seething crack of hers. A flash started going off. Ripping--her shirt was probably history. Her juices started running off my chin.

"Your husband like to see wifey get her nipples bit?" someone said, followed by a screech of lusty pain. Then it was as if she got herself to levitating, her body no longer balanced on one leg but seemed to be held horizontal as if she were on an invisible bed. Then her legs fell apart, my tongue still flicking across her swollen clitty, and suddenly I was looking down that long expense of belly at the mounds of her breasts, nipples caught in exposed teeth, stretched out hard. And there in the background was Rachel's beautiful face, her elegant neck pulsatinging, bangs plastered to her forehead with the sweat of exertion, her eyes open wide and pointed heavenward. You could hear the raspy gasps of her breathing. When I looked between her breasts I could see her heart moving her rib cage hard.

More flashes. I could see a body move behind Rachel's head then right away I was blinded by the flash. Rachel's body tensed at that moment so I let my teeth slowly graze over the ravaged flesh of her clit until she gave a flop like a fish out of water and gasped. Someone was pushing a finger into her backside. Other fingers grazed my chin as they tried to find a wet pussy hole to escape into. Rachel screamed. A series of flashes went off as she flailed her tiny body against her blinding orgasm. A few more quivering moments in the air, then Rachel was finally set down on the cold floor by the gang whose tired arms retreated quickly to savage their own pussies.

It was quite a show. Rachel was sprawled out on the floor, legs and arms splayed out in goofy positions. A circle of women around her gasped for air, hands a blur as fingers strummed swolen clits. I joined them, squeezing next to Linda whose free hand immediately searched out my clitty. Lovely Linda, you could always count on her to include you in the fun. It was quite sexy to be carried on the same wave as a group of people so turned on as to become completely unselfconscious about their bodies. I watched the back of Linda's hands as they worked in precise harmony like pistons, one on her own clit, one on mine. I put my arm around her. When she started coming I had to hold her up. But when her knees buckled good, I felt that sweet feeling start up deep inside, the warmth spread from my clit and up through my belly. I slithered to the floor, joining Linda and resting my head on her breasts while I bit my lower lip and finished the job myself.

After about ten minutes people started to get up. Newcomers walked over and snickered. I walked Rachel to a quiet corner.

"You think he'll..." I said.

"Shit, when I send these his cock will rocket a hole right in his trousers.

"Send them now," I insisted.

"He's at work," she said as she dialed.

"I hope he's alone," I said, crossing my sticky fingers.

"Honey, hi! How's it going? You alone?"

"Good. Got somethin' for ya. Look." Rachel said as she looked at me and winked.

"That's my friend Missy with my clit in her mouth. Yeah, she's a real hotty...No, I never got to taste her...Yeah, it's shaved, too."

"Gimme the phone," I said, grabbing it with one hand while pulling her other into my lap.

"Hi there. I'm the instigator. You got that fat cock of yours in your hand? Good. Here's the thing. I've been thinking--it's been almost a full day without cock. I know you guys love your pictures, but maybe if you invite me over I can get an idea of what make you guys tick. You're a real interesting couple to me. Yeah, and your sweet little wife really knows how to finger a clit. Right now...It's a swirling motion. I'm like outta my mind right now, thinking of you in your office jerking your thing and your wife with her tongue in my ear and fingering my think you can get off early?"

Rachel had scrambled down and put her face between my legs. Goody!

"Your wife has just this moment tasted me. Isn't that cool? Oh, gawd what a tongue! Yes. thirty minutes? Well, if we can keep our hands and tongues off each other. Yeah, can't wait to have it inside me either. No. Foreplay? I'm sloppy like a swamp. Bye!"

I squeezed Rachel's head between my thighs. It was all the exercise I was going to get after an hour and a half at the club, and I might as well get what I can.

It's my motto. Or maybe you've guessed.

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