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The Missy Stories

Missy: A Hot Day, A Hot Car

Today I had the most extraordinary adventure. Miss Daisy, my bosscame down to the loading dock and yanked me out of my chair just as I was taking the first bite of my bologna sandwich. I like it when she's forceful like that.

"Come, Missy, I've got a bone to pick!" she said.

I didn't understand exactly what she meant. But I was scared because I thought she might have been meaning Robert's bone, which I had licked clean as a whistle just moments before in the men's. I like how the boys of the loading dock call them "bones" or "boners." I'm always ready for one, too. I wonder why I am like that? I also like when they do all that grunting before the big load comes spilling out. It's like I'm a goddess causing an eruption of the big, sacred volcano. And they're so worn out afterwards. It's like they can spend all day lifting boxes and then when there's a little slack time and they want to cum in my mouth, it wears 'em out. Go figure.

Anyway, Daisy was dragging me to her office by my arm. I guess she didn't understand that I was going quite willingly. As we went up the stairs I could hear her puffing like an old steam engine. I could also see she was wearing those old fashioned nylons because I could see the tops when her skirt bounced up.

"Sit," she ordered when we'd gotten to her office. She slammed the door shut. I didn't know whether to pull my skirt down or up. It was hard to judge her mood. "Do you know what happened this morning?"

"Yes, but....." I didn't know if I was supposed to be sorry or not. " was just a quick sucking. Robert is always so nice to me. I just couldn't resist getting his cock out and licking it. It's soooo smooth. Like ivory. It won't happen....."

Daisy interrupted, "And did he come all over your face without warning?"

"Why, no! Let's see....he was breathing like he couldn't catch his breath and so I got his cock as deep as I could in my mouth and then he said 'oh, lordy Missy, you're soooooo sweet and your mouth's sooooo soft' followed by that 'nghhhhh' sound they make in the back of their throats, and then I knew to brace myself for the hot spurts. I let a little out the side of my mouth because the men like that...."

"That's just what I meant!" Miss Daisy exclaimed. I was horrified now. She didn't want me sucking Robert. She'd maybe punish me. Then her tone changed. "He warned you! Just like a good man!"

Now I was really confused. I scratched my thigh so that my skirt inched up just so I could tell if she was interested or not. Her eyes followed my fingers, but she was still ranting, "Dammit, Missy, why do I have to live with a lousy silent jack-off of a husband?"

"I don't know," I said because I didn't.

"He just sits there while I'm sucking. I have to finger my own clit, of course. Then, outta the blue, without so much as a squeak of warning, comes this hot stream of man-juice! Right down' my throat! I choked! Can you imagine! Hacked like a novice! It came out my nose, for God's sake! I'm so ashamed. And mad at the little bastard. I hate men.

I didn't know why she was telling me this, but her eyes were following my hand quite intently as it went higher and higher on my thigh. I could usually get her out of just about any of her funks by showing her my fuzzy little pussy. Actually, her story was turning me on. You could tell because the juices were starting to flow out of my cunny; I could feel them trickling out as my hand brushed across my lips.

But Miss Daisy was in some kinda hurry. "We don't have time for that. We are going for a little drive. To get revenge," she said. She was still watching my hand though.

"On your husband?"

"On men in general. We're gonna start with Stuart, the little bastard over at Winkler's Motors who sold me that clunker Toyota I drive."

"What do I have to do?" I asked. I had hoped to get an orgasm in before we left--I was frigging myself silly while trying to follow her line of reasoning.

"Your job is to get him hard and keep him that way," she said.

"Oh, goodie, I can do that!" I replied.

"Until his balls turn blue."

I didn't exactly like the sound of that. But I was tired of thinking of what the sight of blue balls would do to my libido and just wanted that orgasm. I closed my eyes and pushed with my legs so my body was stiff as a board and then jammed three of my fingers in my pussy. That left the palm of my hand to crush the hot little knob of my clit and boy that's all it took.

"Mmmngh," I said. My body shivered. The chair made all sorts of squeaking noises. Miss Daisy was staring at my pussy like it was alive and kicking. My fingers slid out one by one and let the juices puddle on the front edge of the chair.

"Oh, Missy, you devil," Miss Daisy said. "I'd like to lick you clean but there's no time. We have an appointment at one."

I hopped out of the chair. "Ready when you are, ma'am," I said, making a funny salute with my pussy-wet hand.

We left in Miss Daisy's Toyota. It wasn't so bad. It smelled of Burger King with a pungent undertone something like man-sweat. I wouldn't let myself get turned on though. I didn't want to waste myself before blue ball time.

Winkler's Motors is on the main drag. When Miss Daisy turned in she slowed and craned her head all around until she found what she was looking for. We drove right smack toward the prettiest red Ferrari you ever saw.

It didn't take Stuart long to greet us on account of we were right in front of the most outrageously expensive car on the lot. The price was painted on the windshield in that white goop they use and there wasn't enough space for all the zeros so they continued over on the driver's window.

"Howdy, Daisy," Stuart said, his voice seeming to lose enthusiasm when he realized it was my boss.

"Hi there, Stuart," Miss Daisy replied with a big grin. "Time for a test drive."

"I've seen your finances. I'm afraid...."

"Look, you owe me this drive, you bastard. I've used 12 quarts of oil in that clunker this month alone!"

"Harvey!" Stuart called to the fat security guard, who began to waddle over toward us.

"Missy, show Stuart your prettiest parts," Miss Daisy said nervously before Harvey could reach us.

I gathered the dress and lifted it so he could see my pussy. His eyes bugged out like a couple of dirty tennis balls.

"Missy, you're all wet!" said Miss Daisy.

I felt my thighs. They were wet. I started to wipe them with the hem of my skirt.

Stuart managed to wave Harvey away before the security guard could see my dripping pussy and have a heart attack or something. Stuart took a couple of wobbly steps toward the Ferrari and opened a door.

"You first darlin'," said Miss Daisy, motioning Stuart toward the passenger seat. "Then you, Missy."

There wasn't room, of course. I looked at Daisy and she just nodded toward Stuart. So I jumped in, right on Stuart's lap.

"Comfy, you two?" Daisy said as she slid in and slammed the door.

I just nodded. Stuart didn't say anything, but I felt his fingers on my thigh just lightly. I turned to smile at him. It just about knocked him out, you could tell cuz his eyes bugged out and his eyebrows raised. So he got a little bolder. His fingers started walking up my thighs until Daisy gunned the engine and we were off.

Miss Daisy drove wildly out of town. You could tell she was having a hard time seeing--what with squinting through the big, white numbers on the windshield and all. The little red car bounced me against Stuart's growing lump. It was nice. I squirmed a bit; I wanted to see if I could tell how big it was just by how it felt against my pussy.

Then there were the curvy parts. That got Stuart going good. Back and forth as the car careened around the corners, I was getting a good idea of Stuart's erect cock size.

"Six and two thirds!" I blurted.

"What?" said Miss Daisy.

"Stuart's cock. I'm trying to figure how big Stuart's cock is by just using my pussy."

Miss Daisy suddenly pulled the car into a narrow strip of shoulder where there seemed to be a path leading up the hill. She rummaged inside her purse until she came up with a measuring tape.

"Missy has a real sensitive pussy. Let's test it shall we?" she said.

I jumped outta the car and unzipped the surprised Stuart. Daisy drew the cold metal tape over his exposed cock. Six and a half. Not bad. Just a smidge off--I'll have to work on it. Maybe it'll be my next adventure.

"Ok, now Stuart, you keep that thing outside your pants while we take a little hike. Up the hill, people!"

We took off--me in front and Miss Daisy in the rear. Every once in a while Stuart would grumble about the zipper hurting his cock, but we didn't stop until we got to the bare spot on the top of the little hillock.

"You two get comfy," Miss Daisy said while removing her dress.

I lifted mine over my head and threw it over a manzanita bush. Stuart seemed a little surprised that I could get naked so quickly. I pride myself on it.

"Now, Missy, don't let our Mr. Stuart get soft!"

"Ok, Miss Daisy, I'm on it!" I said like the tough broads on Nash Bridges. I smooshed my breasts into Stuart's face. He sucked on them good but nothing special. Then I pulled back and went to yank his pants off. He lifted his butt for me.

"They aren't blue yet! I said as his balls came into view."

"Shush!" said Miss Daisy. "He's not supposed to know!"

Stuart scrambled to get up but Miss Daisy pushed his head down. "Now, Missy, here's a test of your sensitive pussy. You get on top of the man. Let his cock rest between those swollen pussy lips of yours. Make him hot as hell. Make him wanna come like a screaming banshee! The deal can get him horny as all get out but when you feel he's about to come stop whatever you're doing post haste!"

This was gonna be hard. Not as hard as Stuart was, but hard enough. I slid till my twat was poised over Stuart's cock. I liked how it brushed my clit. I wiggled my butt and felt it slide like a greased sausage between my slick cunt lips.

"And just so he don't protest any, I'm going to be settin' right on his ugly puss," Miss Daisy said as she lowered her considerable ass over Stuart's startled face.

Miss Daisy finally seemed content. She closed her eyes and whispered to Stuart to tongue her clit or else. Or else what I don't know, but pretty soon he was getting her hot enough so that she bent forward and stuck her fat tongue halfway down my throat. Then she started tweaking my hard little nipples. It was going to be soooo hard to keep everything together so I could feel when Stuart was ready to blow. I mean, with that big, spongy head of Stuart's cock sliding over my clit, boss Daisy sliding her tongue inside my mouth and cupping my little breasts in her big hands, then breaking our kiss to smoosh her cunt some more over Stuart's face--I was in heaven. You could hear her wetness and the sound of her nylons scratching against Stuart's beard. I suspect all he could do was to hang on with his tongue all bulging outta his mouth like a little erection. I know when Miss Daisy gets like this all you can do is let her fat pussy have it's way with your battered tongue and hope that she don't break it off or something.

Suddenly I felt the first twitch of Stuart's cock and I had to rise up on my knees. Then Stuart's cock sorta jerked once more, his cock-head hitting right on my swollen clitty. Wow, that was so cool but....

"Hold it, buster," I said in my best cop growl.

"Bad Boy," said Miss Daisy, lifting up so Stuart could hear. His face was shiny with her juices. It looked strained. His face, I mean, not the juice.

Knowing Stuart was on the edge and couldn't take much more, Miss Daisy reached over and fingered my pussy. I like when women touch me. I wish more of them would take the plunge. I just don't understand when you're in some boring check out line at the Super why people don't just diddle each other to pass the time. It beats thumbing through the stupid magazines they have.

Anyway, Miss Daisy had me bucking my hips in a very short time. But then Stuart had calmed down and begun to soften so I had to get back to work. I slid down on his cock slowly until I could see him lower his head and close his eyes.

Miss Daisy got up and walked around behind me. "Not blue enough yet," she announced. Then I heard the rustle of leaves and felt the tip of her tongue graze my butt. "I think they need some cleaning, so we can tell when they get bluer than the sky."

Now the pain began showing on Stuart's face. I had to lift off more frequently now, but it wasn't bad because when I did I could turn my head around and see Daisy with those big balls lolling about in her mouth or poised glistening at the tip of her tongue. I didn't understand how they were gonna turn blue though.

One reason Daisy's the boss is because she can multitask so good. Here she was licking Stuarts balls in slow, easy licks but frigging herself a mile a minute. I turned around for good so I could watch and set myself right down on Stuart's face, who by now knew what to do. While I watched Miss Daisy I tried to help by taking little baby licks of that sensitive place below the head of his cock while Daisy was busy tonguing his balls. Suddenly my body stiffened like I was gonna be shot from a rocket and Daisy looked at me with alarm, knowing I was going to have a great big orgasm. So suddenly she jerked herself upward to continue her own frigging and wham, both of us spasmed and writhed over Stuart's ignored body like a couple of greased eels in heat. Damn, it was gooooood.

It took Stuart a lot longer than us to get dressed. We still weren't letting him spurt. Nope, we were real bitches now. Satisfied bitches too.

I still had to sit on Stuart's lap on the way home, of course. When we pulled in besides the battered Toyota Miss Daisy told me I'd better get off. I reached for my clit but then she said she meant for me to get off of the poor babbling man underneath me so I jumped out of the car before I got in trouble. Then she bent down like she was kissing Stuart right in the wet spot my drooling pussy had contributed to.

"You can come now," she said, and just like that I could see the lump of abused cock in Stuart's pants spasm and twitch and the wet spot got bigger and bigger....."

It seemed to take forever. Finally Stuart slumped over the dash. When he rocked back into the seat he looked wrung out, all disheveled and stuff. He smelled like sex.

"Get out, you bastard!" said Miss Daisy.

Stuart whimpered, but whacked the door with his shoulder and eventually pulled himself out of the car. Miss Daisy was looking right at the big wet spot on his crotch. She seemed pleased as punch.

"You might want to get your secretary to clean you up, darling," she said.

Stuart looked at her like a deer caught in the headlights of a big truck.

It was a great day. The only part I didn't like was we had to drive back in the Toyota. Bummer.

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