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Free Literary Erotica

& the Social Benefits of Porn

Can a good erotic story get you going in your self-isolation in the Plague years? We recommend it highly.

If you're new here, what we specialize in is erotic sex writing formed into--are you ready?-- stories in which something actually happens. Besides all the greasing and pistoning I mean.

We've also studied the social benefits of sexual literature in a scholarly way. Porn has been around since we learned to scratch on cave walls; there's a purpose to it. Don't let the dimwits take the social benefits of porn away.

So, we've prettified the site so the background for all this makes you feel calm and is easy to make out the words on the page. What's with all the psychedelic neon idiocy and tiny print of many industrial porn sites. Who likes that? Besides, we don't track you. Yep, no tracking cookies for you!

So kick off your shoes and enjoy the stuff linked below. Unless you want to know about the male sex organ, in which case you'll head for the Penis Page.

Erotica, or, as we say, Literary Smut

We've scribbled a lot of stories over the years, and you'll find the bulk of 'em in a place called our Erotica Index, neatly laying out what each story is about. There are also two themed collections:

You should be 18 to see any of these, of course. You won't understand a word if you happened to have been alive for only 17 years and 363 days. Then again, our fathers left their smut where we could find it so we knew what a breast looked like that wasn't all wrapped in some synthetic material with latches you couldn't understand. And most of us survived. Imagine!

Don't know what literary smut is? Want to learn how to write some hot stuff? See: What is Literary Porn?

A Sexual Soulmate

Much of what we know as erotica is a pretty weak brew. Porn video, while improving over the past few years, is more huffing and puffing, sexual gymnastics, lacquered love ojects and exploitation then many of us can take. But we've found a soulmate who shares many of our erotic values in Erika Lust. Erica is a Swede making indy adult video in Barcelona. Not just any sex videos, but erotic films that "educate and inspire" (and give you something wet and wild to do while you social distance yourself in this time of plague). Who can argue with a woman who has ideas "worthy of spreading your legs for"?

You can watch a ted talk by Ms. Lust on YouTube: It's Time for Porn to Change | Erika Lust.

Or, you can shop now for those indy adult videos you crave.

The social benefits of porn

When the Meese Commission Report was published in July 1986, Americans who actually read the nearly 2000 pages of it would come to know first hand how the conservative government stacked the sexual deck with a few closed-minded, biased, and shifty anti-sex warriors to deny the scientific research studied and reported on by an earlier commission (whose scientific report, published in 1970, recommended among other things that "A massive sex education campaign should be initiated, encompassing biological, social, psychological and religious information" as well as the horrifying "There should be continued open discussion, based on facts, of issues relating to obscenity and pornography.") Of course, nobody actually read it. It's what lots of folks wanted to hear, "Porn is bad for you and is worse than endless war and school shootings so we're going to ban it." What it didn't do was to stop the demand for it.

So, to aid this discussion, let's start with some basics:

Think porn is a new thing? Head over to the secret room to see how the Romans lined their bedroom walls and their brothels with smutty frescoes.

We live in a world where our sexual options are socially regulated and entrenched in the idea of marriage. After all, you need to know what you spawn; inheritance is a big part of life in the consumer age.

Which, of course means that most thinking folks will talk about the cathartic nature of porn. In fact, back in the middle ages, folks had a little blow-out festival that illustrated how it all works. It was called the Feast of Fools. Carnivals today have remnants of this time out of time, when the slave laborer becomes king for a day (and the ass takes to braying at the pulpit while the poor folks made whoopy in the pews).

And...there's shopping!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention our dear Sally Ann, who recommends rather wispy things you might buy your sweet honey. Garter belts anyone? Perhaps you need a masturbation kit?

Our Sex and Eroticism Bookstore contains some provocative studies on Classic eroticism and ancient porn. Our new Recommended Erotica bookstore will lead you to the finest erotica written today.

And if books aren't your thing, how 'bout some sex blogs?

Happy erotic thoughts. They're healthy for you.

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