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The Missy Sex Stories

Introduction to Missy

Analyst's notes: Before you read from Missy's diary, there are several things of which you should be aware. First and foremost, the young Missy (now 24 years of age) has suffered from a condition known as ferrovaginuda for all of her adult life. Ferrovaginuda translates into "nude iron vagina." Few people suffer from it, and most are porn star wannabes. (Well, perhaps suffer is quite the wrong term, but it's one we medical specialists use most frequently to describe conditions that are unusual enough to create need for further study.)

In any case, this condition indicates that she is able to take copious amounts of bodily fluids into her body without ill effect. Along with this amazing condition, Missy's chromosomes have been shuffled by a yet unknown source to yield an amazing personality.

Although she is cute as a bug and "all woman"--that is to say she has a very pretty face, a narrow frame complete with a flat or maybe slightly muscle-rippled midsection, and wide hips from which the most delightful thighs emerge--as with many men, Missy is able to have relationships with a variety of people without feeling either remorse or the immediate urge to move in with her "lover" of the moment. Furthermore, she doesn't "yield" to desire; desire is merely a part of those natural urges which, to Missy, one satisfies the moment it comes up. And sexual desire comes up in Missy quite often, as you shall read.

Index to The Erotic adventures of Missy

I. My Day At Work

II. A Slurpy Shopping Day

III. A Hot Day. A hot car

III. Wandering Eyes - Or: How to Channel a Guy's Desires to Get Yours.

V. Missy Works Out - And Jump Starts a Horny Husband

VI. Missy Gets Arrested

VII. Dinner Tail

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