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The Missy Stories

Missy Gets Arrested

"You just reached over and grabbed his...cock?" the nice policeman asked me.

"Why, yes I did," I whispered shamefully. The room was creepy. Cinder blocks give me the willies. I'm not partial even to the better parts of police stations, but this one truly made me itch. In a bad way, that is, not in that wet pussy way.

The policeman glanced toward my boobies and slowly circled me, scratching his stubbly chin. "Nobody's ever done this to ME!" he exclaimed, shaking his head toward his young partner.

"Yeah, boss," said the young woman in uniform grinning. "I bet!"

"It was a mistake," I whimpered. Tears were trying to squeeze themselves from my eyes.

"Mistake? A federal election official comes to your door and you immediately grab his dick and pull him inside?"

I had to hang my head. "I thought he said an erection was close, and I had the power to do something about it." I started to whimper.

Surprisingly, the cop bent over and cooed sweetly, "There, there, little sparrow." I didn't think cops were allowed to use terms of endearment. He wrapped his big arms around me like a bear hugging an ice chest full of hamburger. The girl cop rolled her eyes.

"Tell us what happened. Exactly."

I got all nervous; I tugged at my skirt, but it refused to cover much of my thighs--they didn't let me put much on before they dragged me here. I began to tell my little story with the last of the official's sperm leaking onto the folding chair.

"By the time the nice man with the clipboard got inside my door his cock had started to fill my hand nicely. He said something about it was irregular or something, and I thought he meant that he had one of those cocks that curved. So I took it out of his pants to check. He seemed surprised. It wasn't bent or anything. I sort of like them bent, because they hit crevices you didn't even know you had...oh, sorry.

"So not knowing if it was at full mast or anything, I licked my lips and placed my mouth over it. He sorta gasped. I like gaspers, so I went real slow until I could feel my little nose get tickled by his pubic hairs. Then I moved back up so slow it wasn't like I was moving at all. I made up for it by just wiggling my tongue on that soft underside bulge that guys have. By the time I got to the top and my tongue hit that puffy pink helmet dealy, he was gasping real good.

"I looked up at him but he was standing there stiff as a statue. So I took things into my own hands and said 'there's a nice place you can put this if you like!,' and started to squiggle out of my little skirt.

"Since it didn't look like he was going to participate (doncha just love these big, strong, men who suddenly don't seem to know what to do around a horny woman?) so I get real close to him and take his cock and start to circle it around my clitty to get my pussy all juicy for him."

At that moment the policeman stood up and sorta shouted, "Wait just a darn minute! Did you perjure yourself by not mentioning your underwear?"

"Why, no sir. I never did understand what was the use of that kind of thing. It's just an expense that covers up the work I do on my pussy. Keeping it shaved slick as a baby's butt is a lot of work, and why cover up your best work?"

This seemed to stun him. His eyes got big as golf balls. It also got his pecker riled up, which rose like dough in a hot oven, at least if the bulge in his pants was any indication. His partner looked over and found his cock was growing right at her eye level. She seemed interested. Then he sat down.

I went on, with that bulge on my mind I have to say.

"So I shucked my shirt and got my butt up on the dining room table. He looked at me like I was from Mars, but everyone knows women are from Venus. I had to coax him over by his cock, if you could believe that. Then I guided it into my pussy by hand. You won't believe this, but he just stood there, his cock in my sopping pussy."

The cop girl loosened the top button on her uniform and mumbled, "hmff."

"I nudged his cute butt with my heels. It was like getting a horse to gallop. At first it didn't work so good, because he wasn't participating. Then, suddenly, he started pounding me. It was like when you get a nice virgin, and it suddenly occurs to them to do what comes natural, to slam that cock of theirs into the pussy that's surrounding it.

"He lasted good. I mean, it wasn't long before he bent over me and held my wrists in his strong hands, looking me right in the eyes while he banged me silly. Sweat poured off his forehead. He had his teeth gritted. He had to swing his head to get the sweat drops out of his eyes so he could watch my titties bounding away. It smelled like sex in there, beautiful sex, hot swampy sex like you do outside. He'd take his cock almost out of me then slam it back in, again and again. I tried to hold him in with my pussy muscles, slow him down, but his cock just zipped in and out of my hot little pussy like a sausage in grease. Then there was that one last thrust they always do with their mouths wide open like the words that come dribbling out are gonna be hot as the sperm you're gonna feel in hard spurts in your spasming pussy. And you really lust for it, you know, so I grab his elbows and pull him so close his open, wet mouth practically covers my face, and his hard body sinks into my soft tits. Then he came like you know he'd come. Like a horse. And my pussy quaked all spastic-like. Lordy it was sooooo good. I'm still leaking him."

The police woman had managed to snake her hand into the cop's lap while I was giving testimony. He was humping it. Men look idiotic when they do that. Why didn't he just take it out and have her suck it? Even I would have slurped it up; he just had to ask. But they think they're fooling someone with this little "I'm not really trying to fuck her hand" crap.


I have to admit I got a little hot from all this diddling and talking myself. I was subconsciously fanning my hot pussy with my little skirt. The cop lady was looking at my pussy and her hand was kneading the cop's cock frantically, like a girl at the gym trying to increase her hand strength as if her life depended on it. Finally I warned her that if she kept it up, there'd be trouble. He'd certainly ruin his uniform pants.

She took her hand away and looked at it as if it were a bad child who'd done something wrong. The cop looked like a train wreck. Something had to be done.

He got up. He was bent over, but managed to wedge himself into a corner. Girl cop followed.

"Get over here," he said, pointing to the one-way glass "They can't see us here."

Girl cop soon had his cock out. She wrapped her lips around it. I pulled down her panties. She was wet. Real wet. Four fingers and a ring wet. My thumb circled her puckered little ass while she sucked her partner. I wondered about the microphones. They must have this place bugged. But no matter, the slurping would make a fine tape to listen to with a hot chocolate on a cold night, and the vision of the chief with his mouth open and his hands entangled in the russet hair of his partner sucking for all she was worth and gyrating her hips on my drenched hand would be worth a million if only someone had a camera.

Oh, yeah, the charges of raping and bribing an election official were dropped--and I never had so many uniformed men kiss my hand on the way out of the station before. Chivalry is not dead. Neither is election year sex, thank God.

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