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Free Erotic Stories Set in Italy 

Italian Nude Statue Picture

Here you'll find stories of erotic intrigue from the land of the Etruscans. Stories reflect different views of each erotic encounter.

These stories reflect the fact that the erotic life is not experienced entirely within linear time but instead by linking windblown scraps of memory to explosive moments within human experience. The structural bondage of both literature and acceptable social practice seem inadequate to describe the electric hot flash of the truly erotic. So be it. Enjoy.

Part I -- Venice
Love in a Gondola
Anna's Story
Vincenzo's Story

Part II -- Umbria, the "Green Heartland of Italy."
Love on a Train -- John's Story
Naked in the Woods
Special Artist's Technique

Part III -- Calabria
Jason's Story
A Jug of Wine and Thou -- Angie's Story

Part IV -- Rome
Ah, Roma!