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The Missy Sex Stories

Dinner Tail: The Cook Has a Plan

Tom, one of our loading dock workers, invited me over to his place for dinner the other night. He said it would be an interesting evening because his wife wanted to cook for me. Yikes, I had never met his wife. But I liked Tom. His cock is one of those that curves left. It's cute.

"I dunno what's on her mind. You never know," he said.

"Well, is it going to be one of those awkward...?"

"I dunno. She's strange that way," he stammered.

In the end I agreed to go. With three of us, it could be interesting.

The first time I let Tom slide his dick in me was the day I saw him staring at my boobies while I handed him a packing slip to work on. I had caught him and he knew it.

"It's the wife," he stammered, "she don't want sex no more." He slouched dejectedly toward me.

I put my arms around him and hugged. After sniveling a while, he started to nibble my earlobe. I could feel his cock rising and pushing against my tummy.

I was hornier than usual that day on account of some thoughts I was having about a hottie check-out lady at my Safeway, so I hiked up my skirt and pointed. "You poor dear," I said, "I didn't have time to shave it this morning on account of I was busy with my vibe, but will this do in a pinch?"

He was shocked. His eyes got big. So did his cock. He was the new guy on the loading dock. I guess he had only heard of me from the guys, and wanted to try me himself.

We both looked around and when we didn't see anyone I turned away from him, bent over and flipped my little skirt over my back. Right away I felt a fidgeting finger draw itself across my pussy, checking for moisture. He didn't have to, really. I'm pretty much sopping most days, but today especially. Finally, I heard him unzip and plunge his dick right in me. It felt good.

He had a nice rhythm. I started to twiddle my clit while he rocked into me, my fingers brushing against his big, floppy ball sack every once in a while. He said, "hoh boy" when he felt my fingertips. So I did it on purpose after that.

His wife must have really been holding back for quite a while, because it only took him a couple minutes to unload. His cock twitched and boy, was there some heavy squirting! It just kept coming. I was going to leak all day. Sometimes I think I ought to keep some rubber panties in my desk just for the hours after these occasions, although the thought of wearing them sent the bad kind of shudders through my bod.

"I'm sorry," he said when his cock was done. I turned around. There was moisture in his eyes. He was one of those caring ones.

"Hey, buster, that was real nice!" I said, trying to be positive.

"Let me clean that up," he said, pointing towards my pussy which was leaking his big load under my cotton sun dress.

My eyes musta bugged out. Nobody's ever cleaned me before. I keep a rag at my desk. Bottom drawer. You don't need to know its a sex rag because that drawer usually reeks of it, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, he backed me into a worktable and when I felt the edge of it hit my butt I scooched up and sat. He sorta rolled my skirt up, then reached down and lifted my ankles until my legs were all splayed out. I rested back on my elbows and watched his face sink into my crotch.

Slurp, slurp, (swallow) slurp went his tongue. It was nice.

Then he buzzed my clit. No kidding, the vibes hit me so hard my elbows went out from under me and my back hit flat on the table.

"Sorry. See, I just gotta make you cum," he said.

Instead of answering, I just wrapped my legs around his head and used my heels to smoosh his face clean into my cunt. The Caterpillar cap he had been wearing went tumbling off his head.

Then his tongue commenced buzzing against my clit. He was good at it. I wonder why his wife didn't make him do this three times a day?

Zip, buzz, smack, his lips pulled at my clitty. Then it was back to the tongue buzz. It didn't take long after that. In a flash I was arching my back, gritting my teeth, and trying to get some air into my lungs. I held him tight with my thighs, I mean I really had his head in a vice as I quivered towards my orgasm. It was a wet one. He was going to have more cleaning up to do after this baby! Sheesh, my tummy kept spasming over and over along with my cunny. Then his tongue slowed. I was afraid he was running out of air down there, so I let him go.

"Lordy, there is no mistaking your..." he said between wheezing breaths.

That's how we got on the first time. Meeting his wife was going to be interesting to say the least.

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Tom was first to the door. He shoved a glass of wine into my hand before turning and introducing me to his wife,

"Missy, this is Pixie," he said.

Pixie really was. I mean smallish with short, blond hair. She extended a little hand. I shook it.

"You're a real nice looking gal," Pixie said after looking me over up and down--not so differently than the guys at the loading dock do when the wind blows my dress flat against me and my nipples get all big and poke through.

Pixie wasn't the ogre I though she might be. She had nice tits.

"You didn't have to dress so formal. It's just dinner with the working stiffs," Pixie said as she turned to go into the kitchen.

"Oh, this. I like my little black dress. It's nothing."

"But stockings. Nobody wears stockings any more. Are they real?" she asked from the open kitchen where I could see her stirring a big pot.

"Sure," I said. I was wondering when I first decided that panty hose weren't for me because they were like a prison for your hot, squishy parts. "They're comfortable," I said finally.

I swished toward the kitchen, you know, slowly letting the hose make that sexy sound they make. I felt like a cricket in heat.

Tom was right behind Pixie, looking over her shoulder at me while she stirred. I'd like to think his cock was getting hard and resting against the small of her back, like a sausage just lolling outside the bun.

Could I help it along? I lifted the hem of my dress to show the dark tops. "See? Sexy and comfortable."

"Well, you're sure the hot one. Now I understand what Tom sees in you," Pixie grinned. Tom licked his lips. I don't know if it was the food or me he was wanting between them.

"So, panties outside or inside?" Pixie asked.

I looked at her quizzically.

"The garters, do you put the panties..."

"Oh," I blushed. "I don't find the slightest use for panties. What do you think they're for, anyway?" I asked.

She seemed stunned. Maybe she hadn't thought about the question before. "You're kidding, right?" she asked finally.


Her eyes drilled smack dab into my crotch, so I lifted the hem of my little black dress and let her see. She gazed for a long while.

"It's like looking at a live porn magazine, isn't it honey? said Pixie slowly and softly, like she was in some kinda trance. "It's all so smooth..."

"I did a little cleaning up with my razor right before I came. Over I mean." Tom giggled over my gaff.

Pixie looked back at Tom. "Is that shaved pussy better on your tongue? Or is it scratchy?" she asked.

Tom reached over and took the spoon from Pixie's hand. He scooped, raised the spoon to his lips, and took a slurp. "Um, good," he said. "Missy's pussy is, too."

Pixie's hand was reaching behind her back. Tom's eyes got bigger when she found what she was looking for.

"It must be real tasty for you to get this hard this fast," she said.

Tom's eyes met mine. Then his gaze headed toward the ceiling. She musta been doing a nice, if unexpected job on his cock.

"Missy, could you do me an itty bitty favor?" she asked. "Can you suck Tom off while I finish up the gumbo? Feels like he needs it, you know?"

I don't know what I looked like, but I think "aghast" is the word that might describe how my face screwed itself up at that moment.

"Sure," I said when I had composed myself. I wasn't really sure, but I figured she wanted me to be.

When Tom came out of the kitchen, I could see that his zipper had been lowered and his cock was sticking straight out. When he stopped in front of me, I took his cock in my hand and gave it a couple of squeezes while I licked my lips. I looked at Pixie to make sure she was still with the program. "Go on!" she encouraged, flapping her little hand.

So I did it. I held his hips as I slid to my knees, pulling down his pants and underpants as I went. I smoothed my little dress around me, then circled his cock head with my lips and started tonguing that sensitive underside guys have. Tom groaned. I like men who groan--that tells me they like it as much as I do. Then I slowly--and I mean really slowly--let my lips sink downward over his cock until my nose nestled itself into his pubic hair. I did that mostly for Pixie, but Tom seemed to enjoy it.

"Oh, you do that real nice. I could never do that. I tried with my English lit prof in college--big ol, Brit cock--and gagged so bad I had to go home. Poor guy had to masturbate even before I got out the door..."

I had that picture in my mind--this huge cock being jerked while a tiny girl slinks out the door--as I developed a rhythm drawing my mouth up and down Tom's curvy cock. I couldn't help myself. I was suddenly hungry for it.

"You go girl!" Pixie encouraged. I could hear the clanging of pots.

Then I felt Tom tense up, so I did this thing that Lucy told me about at the gym. She said to just pull out the cock when it started to shoot, then let the goo stream into your mouth so onlookers could see it all. See, she had sucked off the janitor at the gym in front of the stragglers late at night, and figured they all wanted to see what he had, you know?

So I did it for Pixie. I held Tom's balls in the palm of my hand and just drew my thumb over the underside to keep it spewing. I was going to let some run down my cheeks, but I thought I'd keep my dress clean until at least dessert.

When it stopped, Pixie clapped. Tom slumped to the floor. Dinner was ready. We all went to the table except for Tom who seemed to have a hard time standing upright while pulling up his pants.

"Where would you like me? I asked.

"On my face, but why don't you sit there for now," said Pixie, pointing to the head of the table.

So things were coming clearer. Pixie liked girls. Maybe men not so much.

As I slipped into my chair I couldn't help staring at the steaming bowl of red liquid with little, cracked bits of what looked like pink shells floating in it.

And then I felt my cunny. It was drooling. The wet spot felt cool as I sat on it.

"Crab gumbo," said Pixie gleefully. "Hope you like it."

I had to watch other people eat it so I would know what to do. The crabs were a hoot. By the end we were all ripping into shells with our teeth. Like prehistoric barbarians or something.

Finally, Pixie stood up. You couldn't see that much of her above the table, but she had this wild look in her eyes. Then she surprised me. She clawed at her blouse until you could see her underwired bra cupping a rather large set of boobies beneath the shredded fabric.

She clutched at the remaining bits and threw them behind her, then released the clasp on the bra. He tits bobbed out.

I leaned toward her. She wanted me. I was sure of it.

She grabbed the moist undersides of her tits and started to massage them with her tiny hands. I mean they spilled over like a bread dough rising out of control, like she was a little girl grasping a big woman's mature tits.

That sight got me going. I crawled onto the table like a lioness, stalking the trembling titties, slapping away the candles and the salt shaker until my mouth got within the range of a nipple and then I sucked it in and bit ever so gently but with a lioness' fervor...

Pixie yelped and opened her arms wide. "I've waited sooo long for this moment!" she screamed.

I opened my mouth and tried to coax as much of her left tit into it as would fit, at the same time using my hands to nudge her panties down to where they'd fall off on their own due to gravity. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and shoved the other down to her hairy pussy, which she frigged quite energetically, causing those squishing sounds you hear when someone is swampy wet with lust.

I reached around and started playing with her butt, first squeezing it, then circling her puckery hole with a finger.

"Oh! Oh!" she exclaimed, then tensed. "Yes, yes, oh yes, don't stop! Bite! Now! Please."

I gnashed my teeth onto her breast, at the same time I sent my finger jabbing to violate her puckery hole. She just about came out of her shoes, which was all she was wearing at the moment.

"Nghhhhhh," she said as she hoisted her left leg onto the table, dishes scattering everywhere as she kept up her hard frigging even as crockery fell and cracked. Her knuckles kept up a rhythmic thumping on the tabletop as she ravaged the knot of prickly flesh poking from her gaping cunt. That was some clit that could take all that pummeling, that's for sure. Finally, her body jerked and she weaved away from the table, her leg sliding off until she fell in a heap on the soft carpet, huffing and puffing away but still palming her pussy, though ever more slowly as she caught her breath.

I looked over at Tom. He was yanking his cock rather unconsciously, his face knotted into a look of stunned wonder.

"Tom, honey," said Pixie after a while as she was trying to rise a bit uncertainly, "could you arrange Missy on the table for me to eat?" she said as if it were the most normal thing in the world to do with your guest after dinner.

"Yes, dear," complied Tom, who shoved down his pants before rising to his feet. His cock was bright red and hard as a rock.

Tom grasped my shoulders lightly and coaxed me to lie on my back across the table. Then he walked around in front and arranged my legs so they were splayed out and nudged my cunt lips open with his index finger repeatedly, like he was making the final adjustments on a flower arrangement. I shivered as Pixie approached and Tom moved back behind me. Pixie handed him the hem of my dress. He slid it up slowly so I could arch my back and it would just peel off me.

"Why, she is pretty as you said!" exclaimed Pixie, combing her fingers through her short hair without taking her eyes off my sopping cunt.

She felt me, her little fingers trembling over my labia. "Soft," she said, "unbelievably soft." I can't believe I didn't let Mona shave me when she wanted to.

"Mona was Pixie's sister," explained Tom. "She was always flashing her pussy around here. A tease."

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I was getting hotter. I knew who she was teasing most, and I was thinking it wasn't Tom. Now I could see cunts and cocks a plenty in my mind's eye. I raised my feet and used my toes to caress Pixie's tits. She got the hint, and slowly lowered her face into my pussy.

She was a good licker. Not a great one, but someone who had the tools. She snaked her tongue real deep in my pussy, like it was a good little cock on a cave mission. Then, all too soon, she pulled back.

"Yes, I believe it is very nice, shaved smooth like that," she said reflectively. "I will have to do that some time."

I heard Tom grunt.

Pixie looked alarmed.

"Oh, no! Tom, you don't spurt that thing all over our guest! Not now!" Pixie exclaimed, her hands waving like a traffic cop's while her tits jiggled with annoyance.

I could hear Tom breathing heavily.

"Now, you get your sorry ass over here and do your business" she said, somewhat surprisingly.

Tom came into my view. His cock was wet. My cunt was wetter. Pixie grabbed him and jabbed his cock into me like she was filling the Chevy and was in a very big hurry.

Then she crawled onto the table. It took two tries. She had to lunge to get up, but had no trouble positioning her dripping snatch over my face.

"Ok, Tom, now ride her, cowboy!" yelped Pixie as she shoved her hairy pussy down on my nose and slapped the side of my face with the soft palm of her hand. Ride 'em cowboy.

I repositioned her by grabbing her ass and started licking. She was really getting off on all this. Fine with me. I was getting a cock and a cunt and a gumbo--what more does a girl need?

Soon the little Pixie was scootching forwards and back like a nervous child on a bucking bronco. I couldn't keep up. I just let my tongue out far as it would go and let her do the work while I concentrated on the cock that was sending tingly feelings through my clit faster and faster.

"You gonna cum, Tom?" asked Pixie after a while.

"When I'm ready," said Tom defiantly. Then he softened with resignation. "Yes, dear, I'm about to..."

Pixie sorta rose off me, then smooshed herself into my face hard. At the same time I felt my cunt walls stung with the hard release from Tom's rubbed-red cock. Pixie shuddered. Tom pulsed. We were a cuisinart of lust.

Tom finally pulled out and slumped back onto the carpet. Pixie fell forward. For a moment I thought she'd lick me silly, but evidently she wasn't that type. So I grasped her waist and moved her off me.

Then I stood up. Right there on the table. I positioned myself over Pixie, who looked up at me with those big, brown eyes, mostly at my cunt, which was gaping wetly directly over her face. I slowly circled my clit with my hands. Tom's cum was running in rivulets down my thighs to my stocking tops.

I went slow. There wasn't any hurry. She was taking it all in with amazement, like someone watching their first porno. I knew when I had that big orgasm I was planning, that I'd squirt some beautiful liquid into Pixie's trusting face, some of it mine and some Tom's. I'd let her know there was more where that came from, and if she came to the plant on lunch we could give the boys a real treat...

So there we were. On the verge. Pixie, eyes entranced, slowly circling her clit with those seething little fingers like fat white worms feasting on her cunt. Me getting faster and faster rubbing my own clitty. Finally I had to take it between two fingers and pinch it. Pinching gets me off, way off sometimes, and you can see how big and knobby my clitty gets when you're paying attention. And Pixie was paying attention. In fact, she'd beat me to the punch.

It was ok, though, because her eyes were closed in ecstasy when the first little squirt from my spasming pussy hit her cheek. That snapped them open fast enough. I could hardly stand up during it all. I mean, it was an orgasm to remember. I had to drop down on all fours before I fell down. Jeepers, my 'gasm was sending spasms way down to my toes. I tried to keep my pussy over Pixie's face, but it was hard. Finally, I just rubbed it frantically on her thigh. Now she was drenched from her grinning face to her knees.

Then there was silence except for the heavy breathing. It smelled like hot, sweaty, sex with gumbo spices mixed in.


"Yes, dear."

"Where are the handy wipes? I put them on the table."

"I'll get them. I think they're under the rocker."

"I'll be needing two," added Missy

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