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The Missy Stories

Missy: A Slurpy Shopping Day

Tuesday. I needed veggies. A woman who works out and is thin as a twig in her waist needs veggies to munch on pretty much all day. I don't need to feed my titties at all though, they're just big by nature.

So like many other days I threw a thin cotton shift over my naked body and took off in the Dodge Dart to the Safeway. I circled the lot for about an hour until I could get a spot on front. It wasn't as bad a wait as it sounds; I used the time to squeeze my arms on the big wheel of the Dodge to get my breast exercises in. I like that better than yacking on my cell phone. My friend Cindy does that. She talks to her Beau. He gets her sooo hot--so hot she has to smoosh her fingers into her twat while she's driving. That could be dangerous.

I'm sorry, I'm getting off tract. My nipples are what's doing it--they're all swollen and feeling good.

So anyway, I'm in the vegetable section filling my baggies with edible things. Funny how everything's shaped like cocks. Carrots, cucumbers, Belgian endive like little butt plugs....whooo! Pretty soon I'm getting hot. Then I see Frankie. Frankie is spraying the veggies like they're overheating too!

So I say "Hi Frankie," and he turns so fast the water sprays my titties. It's Gawdawful cold! When I look down I can see my nips all hard and pressing their little pinkness through the wet material. Frankie is all upset, as you can imagine. I had to go over and tell him it was all right. I patted his hand and made my left nipple graze his arm. I sorta liked how it felt to get sprayed, to tell you the truth. An older woman in a pink shift fawning over turnips didn't like it so much, but I just sneered at her; and when she turned I lifted my dress and mooned her. Frank saw and had a look on his face like he'd been hit by a truck, his eyes were like saucers.

Anyway, I made my way to the check out stand where the girl just couldn't get her eyes off my titties. She sort of snickered at me, but I saw she was a little flustered. I figured she'd think of me right before she went to bed, and she'd have to masturbate thinking of my tits. Then she'd turn into a basket case wondering if she was lez. Maybe I'd return the favor and masturbate back. We'd have a little cosmic jill-off. Maybe it'd wake her up to the possibilities.

So who do I notice bagging my veggies but Frankie, his face still red over what he'd done. And he asks me, "Need help out to your car miss?"

"Sure," I said, eyeing the little bag. I coulda carried it, but what the heck. "Miss." How cute. Frankie himself was a little cutie still wet behind the ears.

So we walked in silence until I slithered into the Dodge's ratty seats. You know that vinyl they use makes that rude noise when you slide your naked butt across it? Well, it's loud today on account of the heat and humidity. Frankie's face gets red again when he hears and he's looking down on my thighs. I take the bag from him and look right in his crotch. Holy Moses! It's all swollen. It's like he's got a pumpkin smooshed in there. Well, ok, maybe it's not that big.

"Doesn't that hurt?" I say, nodding toward his cock.

"Yup," he says, throwing his head back and snorting like a bull.

I don't like to cause people pain except when they deserve it. So I lean over and guess what? I can touch the little handle thingy on his zipper with my tongue! So I grab the thing in my teeth and start to work it down.

"Better not do that. Not here!" says Frankie.

"How come, dear. You don't like...."

"I do, but Lucy's watching."


"The checker."

I tugged some more. If Frankie wanted to start my pussy from gettin' all smoshey hot he couldn't have picked a better thing to say. I didn't know why, but Lucy seemed like a hotty to me, even though she seemed like she didn't want me exposing myself to her.

Finally I got Frankie's zipper down. I could feel the wad of trapped cock pressing into the net of his Jockeys buldging out right toward my cheek. So I rubbed it with my face. Then I took a couple of little nibbles at it until I felt it so that little surge where the cock kinda lets you know that its gettin' stimulated just the way it wants. I pushed on it with my lips until it straightened up and the head of it plowed through the opening like a purple mushroom coming outta the ground faster than it should on account of the time lapse photgraphy. "Yippee! Free!" it said to me, so I gobbled that big mushroom between my moist lips.

Franky was your average young bag boy, so he didn't last particularly long. That's ok with me, cuz I like the feel of a guy's juices running down my face when my mouth runs outta space. I licked right along that underside ridge, then when I felt him stiffen I got my tongue right up under that big purple head and lapped at that sensitive area like a lovesick cocker spaniel. Geez the jizz! I had it on my forehead, my cheeks, everywhere.

"Wow, Frankie, you musta not had sex in a while, eh?"

"I, um, jacked off just last night."

"Oh, boy, you're a good one then! If you need a reference, let me know. Now, be a good guy and get me a paper towel so I can clean up."

"But I don't...."

"Just go up to Lucy and say you need a towel to clean your come off my face."

"I couldn't."

"Listen, Frankie, If you don't I won't come to this store again!" I said as stern as I could.

So when he zipped up and slowly made his way into the store I slid over to where I could see Lucy at the window and she was still looking my way. When Frank showed up I could see them arguing. Then Lucy pointed over to the vegetable section and Frankie walked away. I guess I'd have to let the stuff dry.

But not before I'd lathered up my very own twat. What could a woman do? I mean, it smelled so hot and sexy inside the Dodge. I was circling my fingers over my slick clit with my leg spread over the passenger seat, letting Frankie's come drip onto my collarbone when I heard someone shuffle up to the window. Lucky me. There was Lucy, a wad of paper towel in her hand.

"You''re sooooo," she fumbled, her face red as a beet.

I didn't stop rubbing. I couldn't, you know? So I just started talking to her while I rubbed myself silly.

"He's so hot, that guy! Oh, can't you smell it? Don't you wanna just rub yourself silly? I can't help myself! I'm sorry if you feel I'm being rude. Hold on a second, I'll be right with you" I managed to mumble.

It was super! My orgasm, I mean. I could feel my body twist itself all over the seat, feeling the hardened, torn areas of the upholstery scratch my naked butt. I sunk four fingers inside my twat and ravaged my clit with my palm. Oh sweet release!

Now the smell was even better. And Lucy was still there. Her mouth was hanging open, and there was a little bit of wetness in the corner that I saw her flick off with her little tongue. I couldn't help but push my palm toward her nose. She breathed deeply with her eyes closed. Then her body jerked upright and I could no longer see her face.

"Slut!" she said as she turned to leave. I felt the wad of towel hit me in the shoulder.

Lucy sure had what my Uncle Rob called "spirit." I couldn't wait to taste her. All that anger over a little twat-rubbing meant she really was into something. And I just had to find out what it was, even if it killed me.

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