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Erotic Images for the Soul

DOMAI is a place where some of the world's best photographers of the nude come together. What makes these pictures stand out is not only the technical quality of them, but the reaction of the beautiful women to their immediate surroundings as well as to the lens and therefore the viewer. You are brought into their sphere, and what a sphere it is! (When you think about it, porn fails in that its practitioners often seem to lack the ability to react to anything they're doing.) Natural Beauties - on the right - is a book produced by DOMAI.

Morey Studio puts out some of the finest nude erotic art on the planet. Craig Morey photoblogs over at tumblr.

Hegre Archives The updated Hegre Archives features travel reports, erotic literature and some pretty compelling nude photography. Petter Hegre donates 1% of its net monthly earnings to worthy Eastern European charities, the place where most of his models come from. See the nude picture of the day from Hegre.

The Best of Hegre

Gotta start with Four on Red Satin Sheets. I mean, really.

Hegre in Book Form: 100 Naked Girls - "The one-man-media-machine that is Petter Hegre is branching out here with the release of "100 Naked Girls". His previous works were focused on individual beauties. For example his most recent book focused exclusively on his wife Luba. But it was inevitable that, given the enormous depth of material he has been forced to come up with at his website,, Petter would eventually start to publish from that gargantuan body of work. And so we have "100 Naked Girls", the results of which, are absolutely stunning. This is more than a creme-de-la-creme collection of nudes by a single artist - this is an epic achievement..." Jack Gilbert, Editor of

For the Girls

It's about men, and the occasional hottie, isn't it? You women aren't pinned to a limited erotic sensibility, are you? Nudes for the Women: For the Girls Ezine and Erotica for Women

You can read an illustrated story from For the Girls: Cream

Watching the Girls

Ok, so what's the most erotic sight on the planet? A woman pleasuring herself? Yep, that'd do it for me. I mean, it's an intimate look at a very personal bit of sex. What if you could see movies of women masturbating, no meaningless "plot," just pleasure? Well, the folks at have put together a winner.