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by Sally Ann

Oh, I like them big. You can take that any way you want, honey.

Why is bigness on my mind? Well, Sage Vivant and M. Christian have produced a new volume of stories about the bigger than life women we call "Amazons."

Scary, huh? I didn't mean to get your penis in a twitter. If you have one I mean. If you do, you quake, don't you, when I mention amazons? That's good.

I should talk a bit about the folks who assembled these amazonian sex tales.

M. Christian is a seriously prolific author of erotica, dedicated to the task. He will teach it all to you, of course, if you're interested--see his blog, imagination is intelligence with an erection, for more. I don't know where he finds the time.

Sage Vivant once ran Custom Erotica Source and was in charge of a stable of writers dedicated to giving you a custom erotica experience based on your very own criteria. It even comes out printed so you don't have to read your smut off that seriously small monitor of yours.

So I suggest you get clicking and purchase this volume. Don't let no Dick Cheney with his sniveling ways convince you that a woman's place is pregnant in the home dishing out stew to the working man going to war. Big and powerful women can have a hold on you. Or me. I mean the thought of a broad-shouldered women sinking herself down on my chin is like...I may have to go off and masturbate even before I'm finished here.

And you can even get Amazons at...Amazon!

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