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Female Masturbation Gifts: Every Woman's Orgasm is Unique & The Key to a Woman's Pleasure

I don't know why, but I like masturbating. I don't think of masturbation as like practice for anything. It's nice in itself.

But try to get a boyfriend to be kind to your twat. It's hard. They claw and scrape with their fingers like they're fixin' to plant begonias in there. Yeah, it's moist enough usually, but euuuh.

So I figure the best way to get Dildo (that's Hank, my honeybunch) to get me hot with his digits was to get a movie we both could get seriously into, one that's rated high by women and you can learn more about on the left over there. How could I pass on a review that goes like:

"One of the many things I love about this tape is how you can see her genitalia (and Susan, you really have gorgeous ones) go from a relaxed state to a state of total engorgement as she masturbates. The different colors that her genitalia take on is just breathtakingly beautiful and she is so engorged and seems to keep getting more engorged with each stroke of her clitoris."

I'm all into the engorgement thing. I had to explain it to Dildo, who immediately applied the principal to his thingy, which gets engorged, too, he wanted to remind me.

But that's the point, isn't it? All they think about is their own engorgement!

So I made him watch it. He didn't mind. He even liked the color changes.

Then we had sex. It was like Cindy said, "I could feel so many contractions inside of me around his penis and he said he never felt me so engorged before."

Good Engorgement to you, too. I gotta get to work on mine. Two hours whipping up a froth each day sounds about right.

And guys: get this for the babe. Really.

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