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Garter Belts and Dark Nylons, That's the Ticket

If you're looking for something sexy for your girl, guys, what can I say, sliding real nylons up my thighs gets me wet. Knowing that my freshly shaved pussy won't be squished inside the crotch of some corporate asshole's idea of a lousy money-making chastity belt like pantyhose is a plus, especially when my honey takes me out to dinner at a fine restaurant. Especially if it has booths. Especially if he diddles me during the appetizer course.

I just love it when he slides his hand up along the nylons, dragging his fingernail over them just enough to make a little "zip" sound, then he probes higher until his fingertips melt into my thighs. By that time I'm like wiggling my ass, trying to get my big ol' clitty some of that slow hand. If he takes his time I'm like gushing. When he finally bumps against that knob of a clit, I almost jump outta my seat. Then people sit up and take notice. How cool is it that folks notice when you're in heat and someone's hand is up your skirt? Maybe it doesn't turn everyone on, but if sure does me. Access is the key. Turn him on with those little indicators of sexiness; first the nylon, then the nylon top, then a stretch of bare thigh, then paydirt, a sopping pussy, or a sopping thong--your choice, buster.

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At home, when he finally gets a chance to lay me down on our unused dining room table and scootch up my skirt and bury his organ inside my sopping twat, I can come in a minute.

Think of what you can do with that thong kit on the left up there. Options. You have sexy, horny, options:

Just the Hose, Please

Sometimes I do with just the hose. They stay up alright if you have slender thighs like I do. I keep them a bit muscular by going to the gym.

You wouldn't believe the horny looks you get in the locker room when you slip these wonders on. It's like classic. People bend over and whisper to their racquetball partners, "see what's going down over there? The young 'un's going to get some tonight, I'll bet. I can just see it running down from that bald pussy. I wonder if she would mind a little warm up. My tongue is ready for her."

I don't know it that's exactly what they say, but I know I did get an offer once. I even took it. Yeah, we kissed in a corner where we thought no one was looking. Then she stroked me. She just about come out of her tennies when she felt how big my clit got! Then we heard giggles and she stopped. I wonder why she was embarrassed. I coulda clubbed her for stopping.

Winter Wonderland--All Covered Up, But Not Really!

Sometimes I like to feel all closed in. Except for my really fondleable parts--the softies, you know. That's when I wrestle with my Fishnet body stocking.

It works. I mean Joe Namath used to brag how much nylons kept him warm when he was throwin' them passes in chilly New York for the Jets, or so my grampappy says.

But it works in other ways, too. When someone feels you up for the first time it's like you have impermeable panty hose on, then, when he least expects it--theres a hole! Yes, and peeping out of that hole is--another hole! Mine!

And by that time I want him to use it. Or her. And her rubber toys. I'm getting wet again. And sticky. I gotta go now.

Oh, and get black. No, not red. Nothing in red, you look like a Christmas present. Black is sexy. Black is formal. Nobody fawns over her "little mauve dress" you know.

Fishnet stockings. You are caught in a sensual web. Your stockings give you a three dimensional grace, leaving diamond-shaped red marks on his back if he's good enough to make you orgasm hard enough to make your teeth hurt.

Marco loves them. He has a cock to die for. I drool thinking about wrapping my stocking-clad legs around Marco. Buy them for her.

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About Sally Ann

Sally Ann is our shopping expert. She is five feet and nine inches tall and has auburn hair. She shaves most things, except her armpits, which emit the most compelling fluffs of reddish hair.

She likes to shop. She likes sexy things in her shopping bag.

Sally Ann is a friend of our very own Missy, whose erotic adventures she follows religiously while frigging herself mercilessly, often supplemented with one of her many vibrating things.

She has a friend. You can have friends like her too.

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