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Tina and the Prudish Roommate

It started with Tim wanting to push the bed over toward the wall adjoining Paula's bedroom. He said he had a "plan."

Now wasn't that just precious? Here I was trying to do everything possible to accommodate my roommate Paula's disgust of the little verbal outbursts that come out of nowhere when I'm really hitting my sexual stride and Tim can't think of anything but getting into Paula's head. Sexually, that is.

"This'll make her panties wet," he grunted, pushing the double poster over until it thunked against the baseboards.

All this exertion was being performed while Tim was naked of course, which is why I couldn't bitch too much. I love the ripple of his muscle when he moves, the way his half erect cock bounces off his thighs. Yum.

I got so hot I had to like stuff a finger down my panties until Tim came over with a silly grin on his face and yanked 'em down. Then he backed up and sat cross-legged on the floor, his back propped against the bed, watching me circle my finger around my clit. I felt like an Indian snake charmer, watching Tim's cock awaken and peep around like it did.

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"Oh, baby, that's nice. I like the way your hips swivel while you do that. It makes it all real. Real sexy," he said, a little louder than was necessary, "Your clit must be wantin' a little tongue action about now."

It did want that. I waddled toward him. It's hard to walk with your fingers in your pussy. When I got close he stuck his tongue out into the air--flicking it like a snake. I got my hands out and inched forward until I finally docked, feeling the squirmy tip of toungue against my cunny for a second. Then I just had to smoosh myself hard into it. Ohhh. And I just had to make a hissy sound. Gosh, the goodness of it.

It wasn't long before I had to grab two giant handfulls of Tim's hair and grind his face against my cunt mound. I was going to have a gusher soon. Standing up. It's hard when you cum standing. Still, I couldn't help making these noises. You know. "Nnnnggggghh." Then my cumming washed over me like a hot, prickly wind. I'm on my toes. I'm squeezing my butt. I'm smashing Tim's head to me and he's like doing his strangling thing throat noises. I called out, "God, Tim, that was gr..."

Right then I remembered Paula and froze. Just for a second. Then, somehow it didn't matter any more. Or it mattered and it made me want to scream out all the more--preferably with a big cock jabbing my cunt.

Tim is right about some things. Erotic things. Like when I tell him about prudish Paula and he get's these ideas of how to make her all silly with lust. I don't know if it works on her, but golly, it's working on me. I'm juiced half way to my knees.

Anyway, Tim got up and walked over to Paula's wall and rested his shoulder against it. Then he said in a real low voice, "Honey, you're getting a bit too hot here with all your sex babbling. Sweet, innocent Paula might well be angry. Stuff my cock into your mouth. That'll stifle you for a while."

Gosh. He was going all out for Paula. I almost felt a little jealous. But I had to join in--so I conjured up my best southern accent and drawled,"But, Honeybunch, you know that your giant cock is way too big for my lil' ol' mouth!"

Tim made a funny face like I'd gone way too far. But it went away when I knelt down and started to swirl my tongue on that sensitive spot below the soft, purply head guys have. Then he started making noises himself. When those start I like to get underneath his cock and flick it so hard his cock starts bouncing off my tongue. Doing this a while made him all nutso. He started to try to poke his thing into my mouth.

"Tina, get it in there. Now!" his voice boomed.

"Yes sir," I though. Right. But I took all of it I could stand. Then some more. Finally I wound up with my nose in his pubic hair and my hand gently tickling his balls.

"Oh, baby, you got it all in!" he exclaimed huffily.

If I were Paula right now I'd be frigging my clit like there wasn't going to be a tomorrow or the next day, either. But I'm not Paula. I had a cock in my mouth. A cock that stretched it to the next level. I drew my lips over it until I could suck the head and do my lippity-loop deal under there.

"Oh, God!" Tim cried out.

Sheesh, Tim had finally said something that would make Prudish Paula feel all good inside while she's in her bedroom reading her Bible. But it was a warning to the likes of me, who was very, very horny. I let his cock go.

"Honey, please don't cum. I mean it. I gotta have it inside me or I'm gonna go crazy. I'm not Paula you know!" I exclaimed boldly.

Tim looked like Arnie Schwarzenegger had just let him have one in the belly. I guess he was surprised at my mention of Paula. Too bad.

He wasn't surprised when I jumped onto bed and spread my legs as far as they'd go. I was saying--without words of course, "there's my spread pussy, shaved and all shiny with my juices. Come and get it." But then Paula needed to hear stuff, so I said, "I don't want your cock between my titties, no, I don't want it in me beeee-hind, no sir, I want that big trouser snake of yours in my bald cunt, mister. Now."

Tim jumped to it. In a matter of seconds he was on his knees between my thighs feeding his cock into me. Then his body fell forward and he stared bucking like a bronco. The bed screeched and caterwauled. His cock was pummeling me so hard I thought my cunt would start on fire from the friction. He began to sweat. I could feel drips of it on my forehead. He stabbed a tongue into my mouth about the same time he grabbed a nipple and pinched it hard. I sucked his fat tongue until he pulled it out and started ramming me even harder. All the time my clit was tortured by this delicious, soft-hard drubbing.

During all this a drip of sweat landed on the corner of my mouth. I dabbed at it, got it--it was all salty. Saltier than his cock, saltier than his cum.

I closed my eyes. Funny how that made the bed noises seem louder. Into my mind crept Paula. She's grasping this large, black dildo and cramming it into her hairy cunt. She's timed it so that our rhythm is her rhythm. We're fucking each other. I can see her contorted face as she jams the monster dildo into her gapping hole.

Tim grabbed an ass cheek and smashed my body into his--so now instead of slamming into me while I'm on the upswing, I'm like attached to him as our bodies crash into the mattress in tandem. It means he's about to unleash. It's going to be a gusher, I can tell. I hope Paula is ready--because I'm getting that feeling. I'm heating up. I want Tim's finger in my ass and the other pinching my nipple so hard it hurts like hell. At his first spurt I scream. YES! Gawd, it scared even me. YES! I came like crazy. Once more sweet Tim slammed into me. YES! My body shook uncontrollably for a long while.

Then I squeezed Tim to me. Hard. When I let go, Tim tumbled off and I felt the cold air swoosh between us.

A little snail trail of his last bit of errant cum snaked its way downward and moistened my clit. Lordy.

Tim rose over me like a triumphant warrior. His chest heaved. Sweat poured over him so he seemed to kinda glow.

Then his eyelids closed slowly. His head nodded to one side; soon his whole body slumped over. Then, oh, then something terribly wrong happened. Tim leaning, slid off the bed. With a terrible thunk he landed on the floor.

There, in a glistening smear of sweat, lay Tim's crumpled body. Motionless. I couldn't see him breathing.

I screamed. For real. "Paula! Help! Come quickly!"

I'll bet Tim would have smiled at that one. If he were conscious I mean.

Minutes later Paula burst into the room. She had taken the time to put on some slippers. Otherwise her lush body was swathed in a flannel nightgown.

Paula glanced at Tim with some concern. Then at me. I must have been a sight, what with Tim's cum dripping from my shaved snatch and all, and me jumping up and down without knowing what to do.

I pointed toward Tim. "He collapsed! What do we do!" I whimpered.

Paula slowly bent over. She put the back of her hand against Tim's lips and nose.

"He's breathing," she announced.

We were both looking at Tim when I noticed his torso in rhythmic sort of mini-spasm. Then it got more pronounced.

The bastard was laughing.

"I was right!" Tim croaked without moving.

Paula looked both offended and disgusted. She looked to me for help. I had to shrug. Tim was nuts. Sometimes more than others.

Tim jumped to his feet. His cock was still hard; it bounced several times before coming to rest angled proudly toward his belly and slightly to the left.

Paula's eyes were definitely focused on his cock. It was rather large.

"Her hand wreaks of cunt," explained Tim, dancing a little jig.

Time stopped for a minute. Paula looked at me with a combination of fear and betrayal. I shuffled over and gave her a hug.

She clung to me a long while before looking back at Tim, who had slumped to the ground, hands holding his head.

"Get up," she commanded, still holding me, her big breasts smashed into my smaller ones.

Tim rose slowly.

"Sometimes," Paula started, her hand leaving the small of my back to gently brush a strand of blonde hair away from her face, "people aren't the way they seem."

Tim's cock commenced withering.

Paula turned, brushing her big breasts against me as if on purpose and walked over to Tim. "Get it up," she commanded as she drew her finger over the soft underside of his cock.

Tim looked at me with questioning eyes. "Do what she says. It couldn't hurt," I said.

So Tim started to masturbate. Real slow and unsure, like he'd been told to do so by his science teacher in a dimly lit corner of school or something--a horrible and horny fantasy come to light.

"Do you need these for that?" Paula said to him, bending down to catch the hem of her flannel night gown and draw it to her neck, revealing a gorgeous pair of lolling tits.

Tim increased his pace. His hand flew over his cunt-moistened cock.

"Maybe you'd like to see your honey lick them?" she asked.

Tim's eyes got bigger than dinner plates. Well, almost.

I went over and lifted one of the tits Paula offered me. I like how heavy it was, how it conformed to my hand and sort of flowed over it, how the moist underside of it gave off heat. I drew a nipple into my mouth and sucked.

"Don't you dare start spurting now, sonny boy " commanded Paula while wrapping a friendly hand around my neck, gently urging me to increase my sucking.

"But..." Tim whimpered.

"You're about to come? Whoopty doo, young man. You just get a hold of yourself. You keep it on the edge. Or else."

Tim looked as confused as ever. He was gently palming his cock, stopping occasionally to draw a forefinger over that sensitive part below the head. His cock twitched sometimes.

"Or else what?" he finally asked.

"Don't never you mind."

Tim gave his cock an angry couple of jerks, "I've got half a mind to bend you over and..."

Paula interrupted, "You may have half a mind, but you are not going to put that sausage in my thing. No way."

Tim backed away. "You, um, saving yourself...?" he ventured.

Paula turned to me and lifted my chin in her delicate hand. "Aren't men funny when they don't have it figured out?" Her eyes, drilling into mine, were wet pools. She leaned into me before bending slightly and letting her lips barely graze mine. I could feel her pubic hair brush over where mine was before Tim shaved it, hot even through the flannel. Shit. That was sexy.

We turned as one to look at Tim. His face was contorted and tilted back. His fingers grasped his cock so hard it was as if he were afraid it would leave the room without him.

Paula walked over and dropped to her knees in front of him. "Hands off," she said.

He let go immediately. His cock bobbed a couple times before settling down. I slid to the floor, propping myself on an elbow. His balls looked huge from below.

Paula's face was a fraction of an inch from his cock. She blew lightly on it. "That's one fine organ he has, Tina," she said. "Lookit all those veins. I can imagine them pulsing against the walls of your--what you call it, your pussy? Yes, burrowing into your moist center--that's what I like to call it. And leaving that big load of man stuff in there...

Between each sentence she blew a little breath onto Tim's penis. It actually twitched the second time. Then the third time it almost seemed to anticipate the end of the sentence. It was like Tim needed to have his period, you know?

"The smell of you, Tina, on this thing is so sexy." Twitch. "I can't imagine watching this magnificent organ thrusting inside a pretty woman like you without thinking of how it might feel if someone like me crawled over and just started tonguing this puckered little ball sack." Big twitch. "It looks so wonderful, straining under the weight of those big ol' testicles and all."

Tim's head was thrown back. I could see the veins on his neck big as ropes. Paula had burrowed between Tim's legs and looked like she was about to take his whole ball sack into her big mouth, but she let them dangle inside without seeming to touch them, just so he could feel the warmth of her mouth or maybe just letting the curly hairs transmit their own quivering lust as they brushed her warm mouth. Sexy I bet. Yup--his cock started twitching in earnest.

"This boy really wants to unload, don't you think Tina?"

I almost missed my cue. I had three fingers inside my cunt. I wasn't thinking straight, that was for sure.

"Yes, Paula, I think you'd better stand back, or wear eye protection..."

"Oh, Paula, you're funny sometimes but you sure do understand what dire straights your boyfriend is in right now," she said before drawing in a huge chunk of air...

Which she let out in an almost imperceptible stream. You could see where it was going, from the bottom of his balls, where the stream of air dimpled the puckered sack and sent the little hairs to fluttering, to the center where the sack abruptly shrunk, drawing his balls toward his cock for protection or something, then continuing slowly and steadily up the long trunk of Tim's cock. And when it hit that sensitive spot of his an amazing thing happened. Tim shrieked, then gulped for air, his cock twitching once, twice, then on the third twitch upward it started spewing long ropes of glistening white which dear, sweet, Paula narrowly avoided by scooting away and watching the steam intently as it shot past her nose.

When he had finished and the last little twitch came to nothing but a thin gurgle, Paula rose, wiped her hands on her night gown and said, "Not bad for a virgin, eh."

Tim fell forward onto his hands, breathing heavily. I was romping to my third 'gasm; they wouldn't stop coming.

"Oh, and please don't hurt yourself," Paula admonished as she disappeared into her room. "You got a chemistry test tomorrow."

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