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Was This Then or is This Now?

Blue ran her slender fingers through the remaining tuft of her pubic hair, her tongue lolling at the side of her mouth and her eyes closed, as if she were concentrating on important thoughts. The television downstairs hissed softly in the background like the backwash of a crude boat.

The slap and clatter of the screen door crashed Blue's solitary party. She quickly struggled to sink an index finger into her "cunt" as he called it and drew it out wet, a good sign.

She heard Digger padding up the stairs. While she counted steps she ran her tongue over her lips to wet them and then looked down to make sure her legs were splayed enough; enough being when she could feel the gentle folds of her pussy lips slither apart. Seventeen she counted before she heard the floor creak on the landing outside.

"That's what I like to see when I come in your room!" he exclaimed.

She let a leg fall off the bed while she diddled herself, letting it slide toward him so that he could see her sex.

"You been playin' with it long?"

"Isn't it all puffy?" she asked, looking down but seeing only the little fuzzy island he'd left on her mound when he'd shaved it.

Digger pushed his pants down and then yanked the Jockeys over his stiffening cock, leaving it rocking back and forth for a minute like a clapper without the bell. As usual, he ignored his white tee shirt, leaving it on while he grabbed his ball sack, jiggling his testicles with the tips of his fingers before edging toward her. She knew he'd come over and stand right next to her head to get the underside of his cock "taken care of." He always started that way. She cocked her head toward him even before he reached her, and as soon as that shriveled ball-sack was positioned in front of her she raised her head and started prodding the hard rod, letting it bounce up and down on the conical tip of tongue she had pistoning out from her puffy lips. When she'd had all the tongue gymnastics she could take without gagging, she let his twitching cock rest on her lips while she forced some spit out with her tongue and bathing the soft underside so she could plant the wet, sloppy kiss on it he so enjoyed.

"Oh, baby, you are special indeed!" said Digger, a little breathlessly.

Blue smiled. It was as much tenderness as she was likely to get from the likes of Digger. She savored the moment as he mounted the bed from the foot of it, his considerable paunch rolling and hiding his erection as he clambered into position between her splayed legs. Once in place he rose to his knees, head erect as if to survey his territory not unlike a groundhog.

"Looks good--a shaved cunt," he said with more than his usual enthusiasm while reaching down and guiding the purple mushroom of a cockhead into her. He stopped to watch her lips close around the spongy arrowhead. "Like that, baby?"

She nodded, remembering to move her hands over her breasts to make her nipples hard like he liked. That provoked his usual response: he jerked his hips and she bucked against his thrust. "Again," he demanded.

She brushed the mahogany buds once more, and he responded with even more ardor. This time, though, he couldn't resist sawing his cock in and out, slower and slower, as if his cock were having trouble coming to rest after all the inertia of the initial thrust. "Do you need something more on your clit, baby?"

"Yes, please."

"Maybe we get somebody in here to tongue it while I'm inside you. You got a friend?"

Blue blushed and felt his cock slip from her. Digger wasted no time running the soft underside of it up her slit, buzzing the little button of her clit. His hips were bucking the same like before, except when she looked down she could see the big purple head of it peek above the tuft of hair like a greased-up commando in a pink helmet spying from the tall grass. When she glanced up to look at his face it was staring at her. His mouth was crooked but grinning all the same; a bit of spittle peeked out from a corner. Not only that but an eyebrow was raised. It seemed a malevolent stare.

"You going to answer me?" he said as he leaned back. She felt cold air between her legs. "Huh?" He grunted while leaning forward, his eyes piercing hers. "Who's that girl, ah, Marcie?"

Blue shivered as shepictured her friend burying her face between her legs. Digger leaned even closer until his cock got itself wedged in just below her clit. "Huh?"

"Marcie, um, well, she'd maybe do it," Blue, flustered, managed to chirp. She felt his cock sink into her once again. She didn't know how he knew about the neighbor girl, but Blue was pretty sure she didn't want to know anything about it.

"Maybe? She'd suck you sure as she'd suck my big dick." The words seemed to gladden him. But then his words always did that.

He dropped down upon her suddenly, his weight squashing most of the air from her lungs. She groaned and struggled to breathe while he tried to wedge his big hands under her butt. He struggled mightily with the resistance of the sheets but finally managed to sink his pudgy fingers deep enough into her crack to get a good grip on those twin globes and drive her into him, his cock bottoming hard against her clit. She heard his little breaths, puffy and strangely feminine against her neck. She thought about Marcie.

He was thinking about Marcie too. And that made him stop suddenly. "Jesus, how's she gonna get to your clit when it's smashed up between us?" he asked as if she was responsible for the missionary's reprehensible crime. He rose again to his knees, his cock plopping out of her. He looked concerned for a while.

"Over, baby," he commanded suddenly, adding a sharp thwack to her left buttock just in case she didn't get it. She rolled over slowly and he just sat there and watched as she struggled getting her coltish legs over and around his inert form. When she was in place he looked her over and palmed the perfect globes of her ass. "Get 'em up," he said, looping his big hands around her hips and jerking her up until she was propped on her elbows and knees. He pushed down on her butt a little until his cock was right in line with her glistening pussy.

"See? Now she could be, say, underneath you. You could kiss each other's twats. Imagine that."

He slid his knobby cock into her while still holding onto her hips. "My balls would hang down and brush her forehead, maybe tickle her nose. If she was nice she'd lick them," he said, pulling her to him. She sensed the strategy--he'd just sit there babbling away while pulling and pushing her light little body to suit his needs. When he got all excited she felt it more in her elbows, which were being pulled along on the rough sheets, than in her cunt. Perhaps it would be better, she thought, if Marcie was under her. The thought began to appeal to her--having a soft body, slender and naked, under hers. But she wouldn't say anything to Digger unless he asked. And right now she was hearing only the huff of his labors and the scratch of the sheets being tortured beneath her.

Then he spoke, which didn't help much, "Damn, I'm thinking about that Marcie, her face all wet down there, all those smells, that dripping sex. Bet she'd be silently begging for you to finish her off, begging for you to tongue her clit harder because of all this hot stuff going on around her face. Jeez, that's hot. I think I'm going to let myself go now, baby. You want it?

"Sure," was all she offered. It would be good if Marcie was here. Maybe Marcie would grab his ball-sack and get his cock out of her and feed it slowly in her mouth. You know, in that moment of passion where you can't think straight you sometimes do things you wouldn't do in real life. Whatever, she'd save Blue from all that gooey stuff that always shot out of his cock and made a puddle on the sheets.

"C'mon baby. Gimme something!" he demanded.

So she did. "Marcie, yes, she'd want you for herself. She's selfish--bratty. She'd take your cock all for herself," Blue whispered while reaching down and stroking his balls. That set him off. When he let go of her hips she took the opportunity to scoot forward until his cock popped out. She had to work fast, he'd be mad if she didn't. She jammed his loose and dripping cock against her slit, stroking its sensitive underside until she felt the first gush of hot liquid against her belly. "Marcie'd be jealous if you spurted inside me. She'd want it all over her face. She'd rub it into her little titties."

It gushed and gushed. Afterwards she looked back. He didn't look mad. He looked defeated, drenched in sweat, his head rolled to one side.

Finally he cracked open an eye. She went back to looking straight ahead at the headboard, afraid to meet his gaze. She felt a slap on her butt, then a harder push that left her flat on her stomach. The wetness beneath her was cold. She heard him get up and start getting his pants on.

She felt the bills he threw down graze her cheeks. Two twenties. She looked at him in horror.

"Hey, what you expect? I don't get to do it inside of you, I get a discount, right? I mean, I come here to have sex. I can masturbate anywhere."

She let her forehead hit the sheets. She didn't want him to see tears. She didn't get up until the screen door clattered behind him.



Blue could barely see an outline of her on the couch, illuminated by the faint glow of the television. She didn't move except to extract the occasional noisy breath out of the thick evening air. A rainbow of tracers lit up the screen, followed by faint explosions.

"Aren't those colors nice, Blue? The red and white against the blue of the night sky. It's so...relaxing."

"Ma, those are bombs. They're bombing again. People are dying."

"Go on, Blue! You been ditzy in the head since your father died."

Blue laid the bills down in front of her mother, who looked at them disapprovingly. "How'm I supposed to get a week's food outta that?" she squawked as Blue turned to leave.

A man's voice on the television began to drone away. There were numbers, facts no doubt, the screaming of explosive ordinance. Someone was advancing. It wasn't certain who.

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