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Stroke Softly (or Else) Erotic Literature by JR Martin

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There were three of them. All lookers. I was minding my own business, mowing the lawn out front with the push-mower when they flounced into the yard, all rosy-cheeked from heaven knows what monkey business. The tall one sidled up to me and asked "You got kayaks out back by the water?"

I hesitated. Yeah, I had kayaks. But what in heaven's name would this trio do with them? I rubbed my chin instead of answering. I needed a shave.

The blonde stopped licking her big sucker and smirked, "C'mon, Cindy, let's go. He's old."

Now hold on a minute--I'm not that old. I didn't know what to say so I blurted out that I had four kayaks tied to the dock out back.


"Yeah, a quartet. Sit-on-tops. So why'd ya wanna know?"

"Um, we'd like to try it."

The tall one who did all the talking started toying with the hem of her summer dress. Yellow and splotchy, the print was supposed to represent flowers in bloom but it was like a thousand washings had left it a bit pastelish and worn. There was a rip in the side just below her armpits that showed she wasn't wearing a bra. It didn't matter because you could see her little nips poking away at the soft cotton. Not just tenting it, but showing their deep redness right through. My eyes roved between her pointy nipples and the deeply tanned thighs she was drawing my attention to by gathering the hem of her dress nervously in her slender fingers and making like she was scratching but not enough to make those chalky white marks you get when you're really scratching.

"Um, I suppose we could..."

"You'd go too Mister? How sweet!"

It was the blonde talking and she sounded more sincere than I thought she would. She took a big lick of the sucker, dragging her lengthy tongue over the silver-dollar pancake-sized, psychedelic, multicolored treat while her big eyes latched on to mine like she was expecting a prize for doing it.

She was the only one in shorts. Bicycle shorts. She had a real nice butt. One of those roundish ones like two halves of a casaba sliced in two and laid flat down on the table. Her legs were muscular but not ropey like they can get sometimes.

With the three of them staring at me I leaned on the mower and took a long, slow look at the third one. Dark, curly hair framed the porcelain white skin of her roundish face. Little bangs flopped over a broad forehead. Cute. Tiny too; I felt like I could just pick her up and, well, skewer her on my cock with hardly any effort at all. If she'd have me, that is.

I started to get red on account of thinking of my dick. It was getting--you know--in that state where it might become a problem if I saw another erection of any type. The dark little one had two eraser-sized lumps in the front of her white dress, too. She could have passed as one of those candy-striper nurses except for the dress was a pure white without any stripes.

If I though about that anymore I'd really get in dick trouble so I turned away and started to go to the back where I kept the kayaks and luckily they all followed. There was whispering.

By the time we got to the dock and I started strapping the foam seat cushions into the boats, the whispering had become louder and the girls more animated. Then it suddenly got all quiet and Cindy walked over close enough so I could smell the soap she washed with along with the sexy musk it'd failed to cover.

"Mister? Katy wants to know if it's ok to go without panties."

Well, that one just stopped me cold. By the time I'd gathered myself enough to bend down and pretend I was messing with the straps on the seat so I could get my cock arranged right I found the courage to answer back, "Well, it is the considered opinion of experts that women should never wear panties while seated in a kayak."

"Mister, you joshin' us or what?" asked the blonde with a sincerity I found extremely attractive. She took a lick of that sucker again and I almost winced.

I didn't answer. Instead I just tugged on a strap and motioned for one of them to get in.

Katy got pushed forward by the other two, who were giggling. "He's gonna see! He's gonna have to hold the boat steady when you get in and your little cunny's gonna be right out there in front of him!" Blondie taunted.

"So what, Annie? I'm proud of my pussy!" was the first thing I'd heard Katy say. She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't spend all that time makin' it smooth as a baby's bottom for nothing, you know."

With a purposeful strut she waded into the water, straddled the kayak, and proceeded to slowly lower herself into the seat. I mean she did it excruciatingly slow, all the time watching my eyes. I tried keeping mine on hers, but by the time that girl's cute little ass slumped into the seat I figured I just had to give in and look. The pinkness of her pussy was indeed glaring out at me, the damp lips gaping open like the flower of life dripping with honey. When I looked up she was smiling.

Cindy and Annie rushed noisily into the water arm in arm. "Wow, it's cute like you said Cindy!"

"Yeah, and quite tasty too!"

Cindy was playing with that hem again. She bit her lower lip like she was thinking of something important and then suddenly pulled the skirt up over her waist, slipped her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and yanked them down to her knees, letting them drop into the water. She stepped out of them but left them floating alongside her coltish legs. The floating wad evidently flummoxed a passing carp and it surfaced and shook itself before skittering off into the deep murk of our little lake.

Once they got over the horror of seeing a big fish, things between the girls began getting interesting. Cindy was kinda glaring at Katy as she stepped into the green kayak. Same deal, lotsa pussy exposed except Cindy had just a light fringe of hair over her pudgy pussy lips. She reached back and tugged at the dress so she could sit bare-assed right on the seat. She had one of those Mohawk deals running from her clit up to her belly.

"Aw, you guys!" whined Annie. You shoulda told me we were gonna be exposing ourselves. I wouldn't of wore these shorts.

"You're just cranky because you went on a date and missed the twat-licking of the century last night."

"Poo. He drank too much."

Kate waddled over to the dock with the boat clamped between her legs and grabbed a paddle. "Drank too much, that's Annie-speak for a limp....."

She looked at me and blushed. As if she could pass on the misfortune to anyone within earshot by simply mentioning it.

"Hold this, mister," Annie said as she held out the sucker enticingly. I accepted it willingly enough, but with a sadness at having to peel my eyes away from the titillating twats open for my sad little eyes. Annie kicked angrily at the water before pulling her tee-shirt out of the bicycle shorts and yanking it down as if to see how much it covered. She pulled again, harder this time. Then she held the shirt down a while as if she could stretch it that way. It barely covered her ass.

She looked at Cindy, then Katy, with big doe eyes that were moist with frustration. "Fuck," she spouted as she peeled off the bike shorts and threw them on the dock.

Annie waded over, grabbed a paddle, and sat in a boat--the red one. The color fit her, feisty as she seemed. Her pussy was covered with a well-trimed blonde down, almost white against the bronze of her skin and she couldn't hide it with that tee-shirt, that was for sure.

So there I was, awash in pussy. I took the silver kayak and taught them the rudiments of paddling.

"Stroke softly," I said.

"Yeah, right," Annie replied.

"Like this?"

"How fast?"

"How fast do you stroke it, mister?" asked Annie.

They were headed off in all directions. I tried to herd them toward a common path but to no avail. It was fun, though, watching them bump into one another until I realized they were doing it on purpose.

"Let's head for the island," I offered, hoping we wouldn't see a boat on the way out. The island, at least, was private and uninhabited.

"Show us how you stroke first, please!" said Katy.

I don't know what came over me, but I reached inside my shorts and pulled out my cock. Cindy clapped at the sight, losing her paddle. Annie just watched, but I thought her hand brushed her exposed clit once or twice.

I gave it a couple tugs, then dipped an oar into the water. "One, I said as I took a long stroke. Two...."

And we were heading toward the island on a glassy lake, me and three of the best fantasies I'd ever encountered.

"Wow, that was cool," said Katy as she dangled her feet into the shallow water and pulled herself up and off the kayak. I'd let them all go in front of me, mainly because I wanted to get a glimpse of Katy's ass. And there it was, flexing happily as she scissored the kayak between her thighs and shoved it into shore with a couple powerful thrusts of her tiny body.

The others were on shore by the time I'd recovered from ogling Katy's twin globes.

"Shipwrecked!" said Annie as she ripped off her tee-shirt and waved it overhead. Her beasts were bigger handfuls than I'd first thought. They were round and heavy, sagging just enough to show their weight, the aureoles oreo brown, standing out distinctly from the hazelnut hue of her jiggling breasts.

I lead them over to the clearing. A big stump stood in the center. Enough people had sat or picnicked on top of the thing to make it kind of smooth. Cindy spotted it first, whipping off her dress and sitting down on it for a second before leaning back and extending her arms until she could just touch the forest loam behind her. This left her long, slender legs spread wide before us, her toes digging into the soft soil. I like 'em when they have a feel for nature. I had to fight back the urge to straddle her and run my cock over the soft belly until it rested over that provocative Mohawk of hers.

"Don't she just look so hot?" whispered Katy, brushing her breasts against my arm not just once but serveral times lest I not notice. "Last night I took just a couple of licks on her clitty and the juice just flowed out of her like a faucet."

Annie had looped around behind me evidently because I felt a tugging at my shorts and soon they were on the ground.

"It's not so bad," said Katy looking down at my cock. Annie put her hand through my legs and cradled my balls before slowly inching her fingers up my pole. Next thing I know, those fingers are feeding my cock into Katy's mouth.

"Watch it, Katy, I got dibs on him coming in me," said Annie.

"I'm just tasting, hon," said Katy between licks. Then she took a deep breath and sucked me in until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Between that and a soft squeeze on the ball sack from Annie and the soft, wet kisses she was plunking on my backside I was in seventh heaven, or sixth anyway.

When Katy finally came up for air she shook her bangs and called out, "he's ready!" Annie started jumping up and down with her hands waving in the air. "Dibs!" she cried.

Cindy was still on the stump but one of her index fingers was making loops around the stiff knob of her clit. Her head was still hanging off the end of the stump. It looked oddly inviting.

There's something about waving a spit-glistening cock in front of you that makes you want to take control, so I wasted no time establishing my authority, "um, do you all mind if I make some suggestions?"

"Mister, as long as you don't take too long putting that there cock inside my squishy cunny, you can make any suggestion you want, long as it makes somebody happy," said Annie

as she made strange goo-goo eyes at my cock.

"Katy?" I commanded, "why don't you go over there and lower yourself on Cindy's mouth?"

"Good one Mister," volunteered Annie, who was now pumping my cock absentmindedly as she watched Katy saunter over and lower herself on Katy."

"Now, Annie, don't you think you could help Cindy out by bending over and licking her sweet little crack?" I said conclusively.

"And you'll take me from behind, Mister Lover?" asked Annie.

"Yes, oh yes."

As Annie pointed her fat tongue toward Cindy's glistening pussy, I reached down and squeezed one of those perfect ass cheeks of hers. Katy, bobing lightly over Cindy's face, had her eyes closed and her fingers wrapped around Cindy's puffy nipples, pink in color and lighter than the skin of her little conical breasts, a sight worth more than the price of admission. She was obviously reveling in the tonguing she was getting, one that was becoming more athletic as Cindy's little helper Annie got to work on her fat pussy. Puffy gasps of air were starting to come from Katy's wet lips. Her breasts bounced merrily.

With things chugging along so well I had no choice but to dangle my cock in the direction of the tantalizing twat that Annie was holding open for me. Without using my hands, I let the head wander over the downy softness, let it graze over the puckered opening before Annie forked my cock between two fingers and guided it into her cunt. It didn't take all that much effort. She was dripping wet.

I felt no need to hurry. The girls had found a rhythm. It was like I was the last cog in a very lubricated machine. All I had to do was stand there as the wavering tower of lusty women provided all the pistoning vibrations my cock could stand. The hand that had guided my cock was now vibrating itself over what I figured was a pretty desperate and throbbing clit--I could feel little oscillations my balls. The act had a sort of desperation to it as if an orgasm right now was going to be a life or death sort of deal.

If it was, it was going to be transmitted right down the line. First came Katy, snorting and twisting Cindy's nipples with an astonishing violence before her body rippled in orgasm, setting Cindy off to the races, her belly rippling, her mouth gasping for air under the gushing cunt of the diminutive Katy. All of this set Annie off, of course, and this time I could feel her cunt clamp down on my cock with a vengeance, her hand slowing and grinding down hard on her clit. She had removed her tongue from Cindy's twat and was gasping for air, her head resting on Cindy's pubic bone when I slowly withdrew my cock and set it in place between the crack of her ass. Then, with the help of a couple of gentle butt squeezes from Annie, I treated the group to a simpering fountain that puddled upon the small of Annie's back. I was thinking it wasn't so bad for an old man until Katy chimed in with a "me next, ok?"

And then I wasn't sure.

I was wondering when he'd get off his high horse and slide that thing in me. I wonder where his mind is at sometimes. Like, have you noticed the sucker has disappeared? Where is it? I was going to lick it down to where I could slide it into Cindy's pussy. But if it's not here I can't do that can I? Women, don't ever pick an author if you want someone who's mind is somewhere near the task at hand. Can you imagine what that'd be like if you came upon a woman sliding a sucker into another woman's pussy right out there in the woods? And then maybe they'd let you lick it after, while they kept on licking each other. That'd be good, huh? But no, the sucker's not here. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away I guess. He really forgot about it, that's what.
Isn't it just like a guy to think he's in charge? Shoot, I'da gone over there by myself anyway. You know what it's like to do deep knee bends over your lover's squiming tongue? If gyms had such a contraption people would have the buffest legs in the world. Plus, Cindy can get her tongue way deep. It's no secret. She really gets going when someone is eating her out, too. That tongue of hers can flick across your clit while making those slurpy noises and she can still go "mmmm" in the back of her throat until you clamp down your legs to keep that thing zeroed in on your little button during those final moments before your 'gasm. That's fine work, I can tell you. No man needs to tell you to go get some of that!
Hi, Katy speaking. I'm usually shy. Men don't like me all that much because I stay in the background and they call me "stuck up" to their beer swilling friends. I'm really not all that proud of my pussy. I like it though. At least you'd think that if you saw me stroking it. I like how it feels when it's hairless. I didn't shave because some guy made me do it--I like it like that. It's for myself to feel. And Cindy, too, when she wants to. I like it when I can gather up all that moisture flowing down there and rub it all around my soft pussy lips just after I shave. Gosh, I hate to tell you this because I don't know you, but I'm getting hot just thinking about it. It doesn't take much to set me off either--seeing two people kissing or grabbing each other, maybe a guy grabbing a woman's knee as forcing her legs apart right in public. Once I saw this woman coming out of a hotel on a windy evening. She was walking awkwardly because she was pinching the sides of her short skirt together at the hem. She was sort of laughing but had almost a look of dread on her face as well. She looked over her shoulder at her guy and said, "I'm not sure I can do this." Right then I realized she was trying to keep her skirt from blowing open in the wind! I thought "lordy me, that woman is venturing out in a strange city without underwear and she's both excited and stressed that a stranger will see her pussy." I could see it on her face. Honest. And from that day I just said I'm not going to wear panties. That's how I am, usually. Decisive but not agressive. So I'm not sure this is me in the story or not if you know what I mean.
It really didn't happen the way it says. I was just looking up close seeing Annie's hand come slithering through the guy's legs and before I knew it she'd reached around and started his cock bumping against my lips. It sorta jerked each time it smooshed against them, so I figured it felt good to him and when I opened up Annie just stuffed it in there. I had no choice but to show my skill. And I can't say I didn't entirely enjoy it, especially with Annie's eyes all bugged out at the sight and her all worried that I'd have him spurting before she got a chance to get him in her hot little box. Annie's a trip when she gets all hot. Sometimes we go out just to see how she'll react among boys. Like in a bar we'll all do that thing where we go into the bathroom together and if no one is in there we feel Annie up, trying to figure out if the guy she's oogling is up to par by the amount of wetness she's squeezing out of herself. And guys think we just go in there for a mutual peeing session! That's so lame.
Oh, isn't that precious? I'm a poor virginal waif in threadbare rags! Men like this? I suppose it only works when there's a horny babe under the torn clothing, the whole virgin-whore deal. And why he doesn't make that rip bigger is beyond me. He just wants to peek. I feel like ripping it myself so my tit hangs out and then saying "peek-a-boo this!" Not really, but I wonder if he'd like it. Or would it make him deflate? All the smut mags make their models out to be slutty whores, making them say things like "get over here and fuck me you bastard." Why is that? I'm not like that usually. What's this guy trying to achieve with me? I'd really like to cosy up to him, rub up against him so my nipples scrape against his sweaty skin, and then hope he'd take me out back and make love to me while we lie on some thick moss. That'd be good.
Listen to him! The Blonde's name is Annie. That's me. I'm sure he added the sucker prop to make me seem younger and more succulent now that the Supreme Court says you can pull such stunts as long as a real person is not involved. I guess he's going to let you in on his dream that I'll love older men because they're usually sweet, and when their schlongs are inside me they can stroke it just right, and usually forever and a day--yada, yada, yada. Or at least he'd better realize that I have to think these things because I'm working for him now, big author man mowing his crabgrass and gettin' a woody.

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