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Helmut Newton: Big Nudes

One of Amazon's top rated book of nude pics. Who hasn't thought of the Amazon, the big nude women who throws us down on the mossy forest floor and has her way with us?

Of course, we're a little bit afraid of the Big Nude as well. But in our fantasies, we play the guy who can take it.

And the Big Nude slides her way on top, hard on the outside, slick and buttery on the inside.

It's a fantasy worth having, saving, and seeing in the work of Helmut Newton.

Sex, style, theater, fashion; these are Helmut Newton pictures.


Nudes And Portraits

Ever heard of Gordon Thye? Well, this collection of duotone nude pics pushes the art of photographic reproduction with gorgeously photographed sensuous nudes.

"I rather like the publisher's description of Gordon Thye's gorgeous duotones: sensitive, cheerful, aesthetic and erotic." says Clifford Furlow, reviewing Nudes and Portraits for The New Nude magazine.

Like Helmut Newton, Gordon Thye lives and works in Germany. GQ has some samples of his work.

Gordon Thye also has his own web site. It's in German. I guess those of us who don't think nude women are harmful to society will have to start reading German pretty soon.


1000 Nudes- a History of Erotic Photography from 1839-1939

Ok, I just had to throw in some erotic photography from the "olden days" if only to prove it's been around since cameras and paper.

Uwe Scheid (1944–2000) collected these artistic and erotic photographs of nudes, mainly from photography’s early days and from the 1920s and ‘30s. Scheid was a member of the German Photographic Society, natch.

If only I could remember some of the German I learned from watching Hogan's Heroes. Then I'd be ready for the new world censorship order. Maybe.

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