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Sexy Shopping with Sally Ann - Index of Neat Sex Stuff

Hi, this is Sally Ann speaking. I'm just a normal girl with what they call your auburn hair, well, where I let it grow out that is, and several other attributes that get mentioned a lot in locker rooms when I peel my exercise outfit off my trim and damp bod. I got this job because I like shopping almost as much as I like sex, or at least that's what I said on my resume anyway.

Garter Belts and Nylons - What man doesn't get his dander and other things up when you encase a woman's legs in silky smooth nylon stockings that clip to some piece of medieval hardware that's there for the purpose of access to her nether parts--which she shaves, of course, for complete netherness.

Female Masturbation Gift Set - Yes, you get your boyfriend or whomever to sit and watch this amazing set of videos and then write and tell me how much better your sex has become. Dare you.

Amazons : Sexy Tales of Strong Women- Don't tell me you don't have a need for sex stories about strong and willing women! You just buy this book. A couple of very nice and intelligent people have plowed through much erotic writing to bring you this volume, so don't make them think that they've wasted your time thinking you're not as smart as they thought you were.

Beautiful Nudes - Books featuring the nudes from some of the world's best photographers, past and present.

There's more coming, of course. If you keep plugging away, more comes. It's just the way it is.

If you're lookin' for erotic stories, try these by my friend Missy. She doesn't miss a beat.

About Sally Ann

Sally Ann is our shopping expert. She is five feet and nine inches tall and has auburn hair. She shaves most things, except her armpits, which emit the most compelling fluffs of reddish hair.

She likes to shop. She likes sexy things in her shopping bag.

Sally Ann is a friend of our very own Missy, whose erotic adventures she follows religiously while frigging herself mercilessly, often supplemented with one of her many vibrating things.

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