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Erotica Set in Italy

Special Artist's Technique

We discovered this one day when we were by a stream near some plundered Etruscan tombs. There was a big block rising up from the ground, solid stone. There was still some paint on it but we couldn't tell what it represented. Valentina was feeling very playful, imagining herself to be an Etruscan Queen, so she sat up on the stone, which she took to be some kind of throne, and I painted her.

It didn't go well. I couldn't get it right. the stone was always too big, dominating the scene. Valentina jumped off her throne and said I needed some inspiration. She sat back on the stone and lifted her gauzy dress. Then she put one foot on the stone and started to rub her clit. This makes me crazy. But when I approached she wouldn't let me lick her like I always do. She pushed my head away. I was hurt and my eyes started to feel all liquidy. Then she spread her legs wide apart and held her lips open and told me to use the brush.

I got out a big, soft one and began gently brushing her clit. It tickled and she laughed. I started to use some other brushes until she couldn't stand it anymore and started to get wet. I rubbed the brushes in her wetness and used the brush hard on her fat clit. Soon she got so hot she slapped the brush out of my hand and then grasped my head like a basketball and pushed me into her. She ground my face into her pussy for a second then started screaming. I've never seen her come like that ever.

Later she apologized for being rough with me. I told her I liked it. I like to feel her need. It's like we are tethered together for life. Then she laid me in the grass and kissed me all over. When she was done she held my face in her hands and gazed into my eyes for the longest time and when finally her lips met mine and I felt her tongue slowly probing its way into my mouth. And I started to come right then. And I came for a long, long time.

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