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Italian Stories

Naked in the Woods

Valentina: I like most of all to be naked in the woods. I pick a place where the trees have left a very soft pile of leaves under. The smell of them, even if they are rotting, is earthy and sweet and makes me very excited. When Luciana and I go to our special spot, it is like magic. I like to run there. I am unbuttoning my dress as I am running. I am feeling the air on the parts of my body that are exposed freshly to the wind. When I get there I am tired and sweating. I collapse onto the ground. I wait for her, my legs spread as far apart as I can get them. When she arrives she falls on me. When I feel the weight pressing me into the earth It makes we want to devour her. Her face is between my legs; my tongue struggles to get inside her, as far as it can go. She does a little dance of circles on my face until I feel her wetness on my face and my cheeks. She is burrowing her tongue into me. As I wiggle to her licking I am making myself go deeper into the earth. It smells of mushrooms. When I come I am grabbing bits of the soil around me and squeezing them in my palms. It is like I have become a part of the earth; my juices return to the blanket of leaves and I feel refreshed. Then we pour the wine and just sit, sometimes for hours, naked, until the evening breezes come and we take the train home.

Luciana: Valentina loves the earth. We have come to "her spot" since we were children, where we first discovered our attachment to the place and each other. I can't help but pleasure her. It's the most natural thing I can think of. Her face is so radiant after, I can't look at it without wanting to cover it with little kisses. If I were to confess, and I think this she would not like, I also like her clit. It is big, like a thumb. I suck it and sometimes play with it between my teeth. It makes her very hot and wet.

Ah, Roma!

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