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"So, don't let me bother you," Luisa said as she flung herself into a chair. "By the way, just what do you want me to do with these?" she asked. Draped over her index finger she held her sopping panties for her tablemate's inspection.

"Paulo, better than truffles or no?" asked Cindy as she snatched the panties and held them in front of Paulo's prodigious nose.

He sniffed deeply. "Much better," he said. She could see a bulge beginning to form in his tight black trousers. "But the owner, he says I owe him for all the truffles. Maybe he wants these in return."

It was simple economics. "You scratch mine and I take yours and plunge it into my wanting pussy," Cindy thought lasciviously.

But it was Luisa who acted first, asking for the bill of all things. "Il conto!" she announced.

Paulo looked at her quizzically, but Cindy saved the day by raising the hem of her little dress and saying, "How 'bout some il cunto?" After she said it she felt silly, until Paulo stopped looking confused and stared as if mesmerized at the sight of the pink lips bathed in the dim terrace light. The bulge in his pants had gotten huge, and it obviously pained him to move but he tried anyway, taking the hands of the two women and escorting them back into the restaurant straight through to the kitchen at a pace that astounded them.

"Gigi! Viene qua!" shouted Paulo. When Gigi poked his head out of the walk-in freezer Paulo threw Luisa's sopping panties at him. "Oh, Dio!" a startled Gigi cried, staring back at the two girls while kneading the panties in his strong hands.

Gigi walked over to the stainless steel table, his hand cradling his chin for a moment before he spoke, "Una qui," he said slapping the table, "and una la."

Luisa, who had the barest understanding of Italian but got the little words at least, was first to hop up on the table, pulling her dress off and flinging it to the ground in record time. It was the first time Cindy had seen the thicket of bright red pubic hair, the light coating of freckles on Luisa's lush body, and she felt guilty for not making love to her at the party.

But there was no time for thinking about lost lust. Paulo had already jettisoned his pants and was sitting on the counter, his back against the plaster wall, his erection poking the air forlornly in front of him. Cindy didn't even bother to take off her dress before backing toward him, gripping the edge of the counter and lifting herself with gymnastic precision until her pussy hovered beside the steely cock. She couldn't quite get enough height to get positioned over it, but Paulo, positioning a hand firmly on her buttocks and the other on his cock to position it, lifted her and managed to get things all lined up. "This is going to be pretty good," she thought as he lowered herself slowly onto his cock. Soon she was filled with him. She felt him push, then practically swirl his cock around inside her. "These Italians, they're pretty good," she thought while feeling the big cock fill her to the brim.

And through all this they had a perfect view of Gigi as he stood and slid his cock into Luisa's hot little cunt. She immediately wrapped him up, her ivory-white legs pushing him deep inside her. Cindy was enthralled with the slender dark buttocks wrapped in the fleshy white wrapper of her thighs, the slap and slather as parts pistoned, the twitch of ass muscles as Gigi's horny search for depth and feeling continued.

"He likes his balls to rest on the cold table," Paulo offered as Cindy squirmed on his cock. "He tell me it's like a good meal, the hot, the spicy, the cold, all working together at the same time to give all the good sensation." Cindy wondered what it'd be like to feel icy cold and searing hot at the same time but then remembered an incident with a boy's tongue and an ice cube pushed deep into her twat that set her to practically jumping on Paulo's organ.

"Is this good or what?" Cindy shouted across the room at her friend.

"I was thinking, would it be better to switch before they come? Or after? Or should......

Cindy couldn't continue. She'd wrapped her arms tightly around Gigi and her buttocks just barely grazed the top of the table now as he thrust his hips rapidly like machine gun fire--rat-a-tat-tat--and the muffled splash of slushy juices filled their senses. Soon he was hoisting her completely off the table, bending himself backwards, ready to unleash himself into her. Cindy could practically feel his cock burrowing heavily into Luisa's clit, then remembered her own and began rubbing it furiously. "Go babe," she muttered her encouragement.

But Luisa needed no encouragement. Her fingernails made angry red marks on Gigi's back as she bucked against his teetering body. Cindy's hand was a blur against the clotted knot of her clit, her body humping raw the big Italian cock beneath her. Luisa came first, a shudder overcoming her body. Gigi's buttocks quivered as he shot his load inside her and then, when she'd become limp, laid her gently on the table, slowly withdrawing his cock, his eyes closed, head tilted upward. His cock gave one last twitch. When he backed up Cindy could see his cum dribbling out of the fiery red cunt of her friend.

And that was all it took to trigger her orgasm. She ground her palm into her clit, scraping her fingernails over Paulo's scrotum until she felt his cock thump and spasm, and the heat of it spreading out from her pussy to her abdomen, her eyes rolling in her head as a jolt of pure electricity went up her spine. She'd never had such an orgasm before. And it didn't stop; it just waned a bit, then started all over. She gripped Paulo's cock, wishing it so stay erect. And it did. And her juices bathed his balls; she could feel them moist and sticky. She collapsed back against the heaving Paulo. Together the trio sucked the warm kitchen air into their heaving lungs noisily. Luisa purred. Gigi slumped to his knees, his head resting against Luisa's knee dangling off the table.

"Ah, Roma! This was going to be some vacation." Cindy though, inching her hand toward those delicious and moist folds of hers once again.

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