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The Best of the Best Meat Erotica is a highly acclaimed anthology of the best sex stories revolving around, well, meat and sex. Don't worry, haters of the slaughtered animal, editor Greg Wharton is said to be a vegetarian and no animals were harmed...wait a minute, there's the glue in the binding, could it be...? In fact, you can read about such things in the included story The Glue Factory by Marshall Moore. In any case, food and sex has always been my two passions (well, then there's travel) so this makes up a fine body of work.

The Erotica Project - Erotic stories originally written for WBAI Radio New York and performed at Joseph Papp's Public Theatre. Edited by Lillian Ann Slugocki and Erin Cressida Wilson, it's surprising that this project turned on the number of people it did, considering it was written for American radio.

Bedtime Stories for Women Nancy Madore rewrites fairy tales hotly. It's about time, as many fairy tales were originally written to bring folks approaching sexual adulthood information they needed to know.

Down and Dirty: 69 Super Sexy Short-Shorts - Short attention span? Can't hold up the book for long periods of time when you're doin' stuff "down there?" Well, Alyson Tyler has picked out 69 shorts for you. Stories by M. Christian, Thomas S. Roche, Sage Vivant, Maxim Jakubowski, Rachel K. Bussel, N. T. Morley, Dante Davidson, and more.

Five Minute Erotica - More short erotic fiction edited by one of my favorite people on the planet, Carol Queen, who is as uninhibited in person as she is in her work. If you're fairly literate, you can read any of these erotic stories in less than 5 minutes.

Letters to Penthouse XVIII - Ok, just the sex please. Here's the kinda stuff that got me over the perpetual horniness of teen agedom so that I could go to school and get a degree in something. Never underestimate the power of porn to make you a better life.

Hot Flashes: Sexy Little Stories & Poems - Here are some more short stories written by a stable of writers in the San Francisco Bay Area called Left Coast Writers and edited by word-smith Linda Watanabe McFerrin. With credentials like this, how can you go wrong? You can buy it from the best Bay Area bookstore, one that cares about writers and their work, the Book Passage.

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