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Conversation With a Pervert

That's a fine dress.

Yes, I wear them short and I like soft fabrics that sort of swirl around me.

I can see you're not wearing underwear.

Hmmm, I don't suppose that's illegal here or anything?

No. You've nice nipples.

Thanks. You don't think it's too short? The skirt I mean.

You mean do I see anything?

Well, I mean you can see my legs. Here, if I stand up, does it make you think that if the slightest wind comes, you'd see my pussy?

Your legs are so long. Yes, it's almost as if I should be able to see it. Do you shave it?

I leave a small triangle so when the wind presses the dress to me you can see the impression of my pussy hair in relief. See what happens when I pull it tight? It drives people crazy.

People? Not just men?

People. Right.

You seem to enjoy turning people on. When did you discover this, uh, gift.

I was 23. Home from school for the summer. My parents always went fishing in the summer, renting a cabin. It was a tradition. But this year they had along the brat from next door, Brian, whose parents were having a hard time of it. They fought all the time.

Even though I was older by 5 years, Brian always tormented me. Not so much by what he did. He would just stare at me as if I were a goddess or something. He was a little off.

Every morning ma would send him into my room to wake me. He didn't touch me, he'd just be there when I woke up, staring at me. One morning I let him see what I assumed he was looking for.

It was hot and I wore only a little nightie. You could see my nipples poking through. So I stretched out a little until the nighty pulled up and there it was, my hot little pussy staring him right in the face. He couldn't take his eyes off. I watched his cock tent his pants.

And lordy did it grow. It was a monster. He had a pained look but couldn't move.

That's when you knew you had power over him.

Yessir. I asked him if it hurt. He nodded. I told him "take it out before you hurt yourself you ninny." He did what I said, red faced as hell.

It wasn't even fully erect and it musta been 9 inches. I told him to get it over here and he scooted right over in front of my pillow. His pants were still around his ankles. Anyway, I could almost put my lips over that big purple head the way it hung way down and almost dragged on the bed

Jeez, I couldn't help reaching down and diddling my clit. I told him, "jack it" and he looked at me funny. I reached up, grabbed that dangling monster and did a few strokes--then told him "your gonna have to do it yourself cuz I'm not gonna be around all the time, you know." He just nodded and went to work jacking away. You believe that?

So his big cock is stretched out over the bed and he's getting into the rhythm, all the time watching the back of my hand where I'm diddling away at my own very swollen clit. Then I hear him grunt. I'm not ready so I yell "slow down--doncha dare come yet" and he does. I heard him actually whimper like he's in pain or something. And that makes me hot. So now I start really going, my legs are all apart and you can hear the squishy sounds my twat is making and I'm yelling "let loose, let it go!" and he's all hissing and everything until I feel the warm goo from him splash across my face again and again. Then I come like I've never come before. I'm bouncing my ass on the bed and it probably sounds like we're fucking in there or something.

You seem to enjoy remembering this incident.

What? Because I'm rubbing my thighs together? (laughs) Yes, they say the first time is best. There was a puddle on my pillow and an even bigger one under my butt. I always get wet thinking about it.

You're trying to see, aren't you? I won't letcha until I'm wet enough yet to make a spot on the back of my dress. (laughs).

So Brian followed you around and did whatever you said?

Pretty much. I told him I'd tell ma I caught him masturbating if he didn't do what I said.

What about women? How did you first get involved?

Well, gee, you really want to see me squirm in my seat huh? Well, it was just a week later, when my college roommate came to visit the cabin. She was undergoing a bit of a problem--she hadn't had sex in quite a while. Meaning of course she was horny as hell.

Tell me how your roommate and you got it on together.

Well, after saying hi to all the family Lisa drags me into the bedroom and the first thing she does is grab me and then kisses me full on the lips. It's the first time she's done such a thing. I could feel her tongue swirling inside my mouth. It caught me by surprise, but I sorta liked it.

When we broke the kiss I could feel her start to press herself into me like she was trying to get some friction between her legs or something. She drew me close and whispered in my ear "I gotta have something in me. I'm going crazy. 8 hours driving, 2 weeks without sex. You wanna eat me or something. I'm not kidding..."

And she's got my leg scissored between hers and she's rubbing up and down. I mean she's just oozing want. What could I say to a sister in need? Besides, I could feel myself getting wet, wanting her almost as much as she wanted me.

So I push her onto the big, creaky bed and yank down her jeans. I peel her panties off. I really mean peel, they're sopping. You should'a smelled 'em. Gosh, I don't know if anyone could pass on that musky smell. It sorta urged me on. I was like "let's get my tongue in her pronto before the dam bursts!"

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Describe her sex.

Her pussy, you mean? Well, ok, Lisa has dark skin. Very tan. but she's white where the bikini bottoms go. She's got the kind that ride high on her hips and dip frightfully close to the top of her bush. I mean if she had one, of course. She shaves. Not all the way though, she's got this little line of short hairs that go from above her clit almost to the top of the white line.

But the rest is bald and pink. Her little lips are so pretty, all crinkly like when your nipples are erect and all around there's that crinkly flesh, you know? Like flower pedals. And she's got a big 'ol knobby clit. I was glad, because I hadn't done this before and the more like a little cock it was the better off I figured I'd be.

So I just started licking all around her clit. But then I just had to get her legs apart and try to get my tongue deep in her pussy. That was fun. She had her finger right there on her clit the minute I started my tongue-diving. She just had to come that first time as fast as she could. I mean she coulda burst.

It didn't take long. Maybe five minutes. My face was like drenched. I could feel her legs bucking. I tried real hard to keep my tongue down there where it would do the most good. She was all over the place; her butt was like a foot off the bed before she'd slam down. Then there was that long moan, that hissing like she was loosing air, and her hand still whipping across her swollen clit. I had to stand back. It was beautiful. Violent almost, but beautiful.

I pulled off my dress and laid across her and held her for what seemed like hours. She was all hot and sweaty and sleepy. I like that. It was like therapy, like I had performed a miracle or something. I liked her hot, moist flesh against mine.

She didn't reciprocate?

Later. Yeah, not so long after. When she woke up she said something really smelled good. I didn't think about all the dried cum on the pillow! Needless to say, it got her horny again.

She whipped off her tee shirt and began kneading my ass real hard. I said to her "It's your turn" and moved her over on her back. I skooched up, turned around, and sat on her face. She got her tongue working right away. Nice thing was, in this position I could tweak her nipples as she tongued me. I just love the pure white breasts against the dark tan of her body, with those dark nipples in a puffy pink sea. God they were gorgeous. I'd never looked at a woman in that way before.

So while she's tonguing my clit I just have to tell her about Brian. I figure it'd get her going. "I can get you a hot, long cock, you know," I tell her. I can feel her tongue hit some kinda overdrive when I said it, vibrating against my clit. "You've never seen anything like it. And he'll do anything I say. Honest. He'll put it anywhere you like. He'll jack off for you. Anything."

And Lisa's like bouncing her cute butt off the bed again. Her tongue is on fire and I'm about to let loose with a real juicer. I can feel her pry apart the cheeks of my ass and insert one of her long, dainty fingers. Bingo, that's it for me. I feel those waves and I've just gotta move my slick cunt against Lisa's cute face. It about lasted forever.

And you shoulda seen her face! I mean it was shiny and even her hair was pushed behind her ears and sopping!

It really turns you on.

You mean you think I've been crossing my legs and flexing my thighs to get some pressure on my clit? Yeah, yeah, it's hot telling you these stories. I like it that you're looking, trying to see something under the folds of my skirt. Ok, here, when I cross my legs, can you see I'm wet? I mean is it running down my thighs yet?

I can't quite make it out. Have you actually come while sitting here?

Not yet. Close though.

Maybe when you tell me about Brian and Lisa.

Maybe. You won't mind? This is a nice chair. I don't wanna get it all gooey.

Don't worry...So, you got Lisa together with Brian.

Yes. That night at dinner Brian sat across from us. Lisa was kinda shocked. She was like "this loser is the hot guy you've got for us?"

She was all dolled up in a tight fitting black dress with nothing under. She squirmed in her seat like she was a little kid, but I knew it was just her way of showing herself being horny. Still.

When my parents left the table to do the dishes I grabbed Lisa by the back of her neck and kissed her real hard on the mouth. I peeked across the table at Brian and he's like all drooly and stuff. Ma came back for the gravy boat and just shook her head when she saw us kissing. I guess she knew I was teasing Brian and not a real lez or anything.

And she hadn't said anything about your increasingly fragrant bed...

Right! (laughing) I think she's cool. You wouldn't believe how you could go inside that room and just know people were having hot sex in there.

So Lisa didn't think Brian would fit the bill, eh?

No, but I got a cure for that. I look him in the eye and say "doesn't Lisa have the most wonderful lips? I can hardly keep mine off them.

Describe them.

Oh, they were those big puffy lips, the kind you just wanna press yourself into. She had on some real dark red lipstick and golly, you just wanted to see them wrapped around a big dick!

Lisa's got big, dark eyes, too. Makes men sit up and listen. Cocks too!

So, anyway, I tell her right there at the table that Brian's dick is a good 9 inches if not more. She like nods, like she's ready for it for sure. Brian of course turns the color of Lisa's lipstick.

So she goes over to Brian and says "gosh, Bri, that kissing thing over there got me all hot," and she starts waving the hem of her skirt like she's trying to cool off her pussy, and little by little she raises it until he can see those shaved lips of hers all sticky with her juices below the fluttering hem. By now, of course, I'm getting all soggy down there myself so I say real loud so that ma can hear in the kitchen "let's go up and have a game of Monopoly in our room!"

We practically galloped up there except for Brian who had a hard time getting up with that monster cock of his all knotted up in his pants. By the time he gets to the room Lisa and I are already naked and clawing at each other. I've got a nipple in my teeth and I'm tugging on it and Lisa's yelling "bite it, bitch!"

But this all stops when the door opens and Brian enters. Lisa pops up and practically rips his pants off. She makes this kinda gurgling sound in her throat when she sees it all curled inside his Jockeys. She pulls it out and stuffs most of it in her mouth. She's making these noises deep in her throat like she can't get enough of it in there.

So what are you doing, touching yourself?

Ha! touching myself? Stroking my slit you mean? I don't honestly remember, sometimes I just stroke my clit absentmindedly, you know? Once on the bus. That was a trip.

No, I remember going up behind Brian and pushing his legs apart a little so I could cup his big ball sack from behind. I could feel it get all tensed up you know, like they get right before they're gonna spurt? Lisa takes the first load right down her throat then she stands back, jerking it and letting the rest of it get all over her little titties.

Brian's knees were giving way so I had to get my hand outta there. He sorta corkscrewed onto the bed, really exhausted. His pants were still around his ankles. He looked silly panting away like that but Lisa didn't care, she was like "I need that cock, I need it!" and jerking on it furiously.

Now I'm stumped. I really don't know what to do. But then I figured that Brian just needed some extra stimulation so I looped my leg over his face and sat on it. Yeah, he knew what to do. Sort of. I had to kinda grind into him, but his tongue got to wagging just enough to give me a nice bath.

And that did it? Got him erect?

Sure. He was young. Anyway, Lisa was looking at this cock like she was in a trance. Finally she just crawled on top and sat on it. It took a while to feed that thing in there but I knew it would go. I mean this girl was sopping. The look on her face was priceless when she finally got the thing bottomed and she just started smooshing that big clit of hers over Brian's pubic bone like there was no tomorrow. At that point I couldn't help leaning over her and kissing her. It was like so gentle, feeling her hot lips press gently against mine while down below there's this volcanic sex going on. I could feel her breathing real hard. Her beautiful dark eyes were closed. She looked like an angel in bliss.

She took my hand and made me tweak her nipples really hard. It really seemed to get her going. Suddenly she's all hopping up and down on Brian's dick, grinding her clit on the downbeat, then hopping up for another go. I can't keep her lips anywhere near mine. Her breathing's labored. Intense. Then I feel Brian clamp down on my own clit and Lisa's eyes opened wide and I knew he was filling her with monster gobs of come. She sat down on him hard for the last time and just let him fill her.

I thought she would pass out. Honest. She was drenched in sweat, her flat stomach was rippling from her orgasm that sent those waves through her. Finally she just fell off him onto the bed. The cock was still hard. It came outta her with a big plop like a champagne cork. That was really cool.

I figured that was it for it though. I mean twice like that, you know, with that intensity and all.

Was it?

Well, ya!

And so you had to diddle yourself to orgasm?


Why so coy all of a sudden?

I'm like real close. I can like feel it coming on.


I like gotta get some pressure on my clit.

What's stopping you?

Well, like you're in a suit and I'm here in your office.

That doesn't excite you?

Well like I'm like all wet.

Yes, I can finally see.

I just gotta.

You don't mind if I watch do you?

It's gonna get all over the chair.

Don't worry. The cleaning woman's bi.

No shit?


Just a couple strokes.

Go ahead.

One. Jeez, I'm really hot. Yessss.

I think we will need a towel. Maybe several.

Gawd, yessss. I'd ask you to do the honors--clean up detail I mean--but I suspect you need to distance yourself from your interview subjects, eh? Sorry, I got carried away there. Guess you can see now, huh? I have to cool off like this, flapping my skirt so the cool air blows over my wet pussy. Watcha lookin' at big fella? Cat got your tongue?

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