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changing colors

What was that scent? He tried to rescue it from the brackish backwaters of memory: soap, baby oil, a little musk. He touched the zucchini to his nose. Nah, not that. Then it wafted over to him again, a cloud of it, stronger now. He went back to thumbing the squash-flesh gently: smooth and ripe. He'd slide the one he was holding into the bag...

"Mister, you gettin' me all hot with that veg fondlin'. Tee hee. Jess and me, we know how ta use one of them."

There were two of them. Stereo voices, strangely similar, one on each side, twittering away.

"Fact of the matter is, we did it together last night. Fresh out of zukes though--had to use candles. Got the scented ones."

More twittering, some snorty giggles. He felt the faint brush of breast on an elbow.

"Jess, he's not respond....oh shit. Um, sorry, sir."

"What?" said the one coming out of the left speaker.

He felt the cane jiggle in his hand.

"Oh. Yeah, sorry." the left one said before the squeak of tennies signaled their turning away.

"Wait," he squawked, lofting the cane, "what does this have to do with anything?"

"We were like trying to get you all hot. But then, it's not fair..."

"What? Without sight? I'm blind, not dead."

He urged them closer with a flap of his free hand and continued in a whisper, "What happened to the phallic qualities of the white cane? Or its use in inflicting exquisitly wicked pain on succulent young women in victorian pornography? And remember, unlike you I have zucchini. I've picked the ripest, firmest, most flawless examples."

A long silence, then, "You're cute. But..."

"Yeah, we like each other. But we like to be watched, too. See, that's the thing, you can't...well, actually, we come here to see the looks on people's faces when they hear us talk about using veggies on each other's twats."

"And I am unlikely to provide you with visually voyeuristic thrills. Fair enough. But you're missing out."

"Yeah? You got a big cock?"

"Lookit! At least he blushes!"

"I am not, shall we say, without senses. In fact..." he stopped and held out his hand. "Please, one of you give me a whiff of your hand."

"Jess, you go."

A cool palm slid against his and brought it to his nose. "You're not left handed," he said.

"Big deal. So what?"

"Try the right."

He took it and sniffed. There it was. Baby oil, a hint of tallow. Something more, musk and honey.

"It's been at least an hour since you've had a finger in a pussy, I'd surmise."

Laughter. Tiny, skittery squeeks from nervous tennies.

"My twat or hers?" Jess asked.

"How am I supposed to tell that, having sampled neither?"

"We don't give men samples. We're not the Avon ladies."

More laughter.

"But what if you were? Think of it--welcomed into houses warmly, a cup of tea offered by your comely host before you spread you wares upon the coffee table. It isn't entirely out of your league." He stopped and tried to raise the pitch of his voice, but it came out all chokey, a poor and rather hillarious imitation of Julia Child, "Like the hint of Bergamont that makes Earl Grey so distinctive, I think you'll find this true-to-life and rather veiny dildo, pre-mositened with my friend Jesses cuntal outporings, very much to your liking. There, I'll just tug these panties down for you and we'll have a go, shan't we?"

He pretended he was holding a cup of tea, pinkie out, with his left hand. The girls giggled laciviously.

"You're all right. I sorta like you. Jess does too."

"And if I turn out to be a cad, you can just hide from me. It's easily done."

"You invitin' us over or somethin'?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'll drive."

They followed him through the checkout lane all the way to the door before realizing they'd have to walk to his apartment.

artisan erotica

"Both of you smell lovely," he said, showing them to the antique divan opposite his favorite wing chair. "Jess, what's your friend's name?"

"Jill. As in Jill-off," she said, giggling.

"Jill, you are quite tall. Your voice is that of a tall woman; strong, a little deep, yet still girlish. You are slender, like a willow. Do you try to hide it? I mean do you slouch?"

More giggles. "Only when I'm kissing a short girl." Then silence. He settled, finally, into his chair.

Suddenly he fired, "Jess, you shouldn't stick out your tongue like that!"

"How amazing. You aren't really...."

"As a bat. See, you learn to read context quite a bit better than the thought-sloppiness of the sighted--or should I say slighted. You see, I feel the sexual tension in this room. I smell young girls in heat. It's the senses. It's making me hard."

Jess popped off her seat to stand in front of him, rustling her dress.

"And I like women in their pretty summer dresses." Taffetta, isn't it?"

"I don't know what taffetta is. It's a dress. I got it at the Gap."

"Oh, Jess, it's not just a dress!" blurted Jill, seeming to catch on, "its got those little spaghetti straps that pull two little triangles of cloth over your breasts, so scratchy that it keeps your nipples and that pinky stuff all around it puffy when you move."

"Oh, yeah," said Jess amost whispering, "I like how it keeps rubbing. Never gets tired. Rubs my nips almost raw. Then my little cunny goes nuts and I cream in my pants. I can be anywhere, say in the breakfast cereal section of Safeway, when it hits me. Then I have to find a place I can diddle myself."

Jill jumped right in, "And she always does, too. She'll be jerking her dress up pretty darn soon I'll bet!"

"So Jess is horny all the time, is that it? "

"I can't help it. I try other things. Nothing's as good as a diddle--or a tongue."

He felt himself hardening, "Jill, can you help me out? "

"Sure, mister, whacha need?"

"Would you pull up Jesica's dress and describe the swell of her ass for me?"

"I'm not good at describin' stuff. But I'll try," Jill said, the lilt of her voice mixing with the swish of her knees against the thick carpet as she scooted behind her diminutive friend.

"Mmmm, she's got a swell butt. It's one of those round ones, not the pear shaped ones like me and most of the girls in the shower room at the gym have. It's covered in downy little hairs that tickle your palm if you move them slowly over. The hairs are kinda lighter than the skin. Jess suns naked sometimes but not all the time--there's a triangle of lighter brown on her butt over the darker brown of her legs and back. I'm spreading them to see if I can see her butt-hole. Yep, t's all puckery-pink in a sea of pure white. She likes when I drag a fingernail just over it. Gosh, it sorta feels alive when I do that...Am I doin' ok?"

"Yes," puffed Jess.

"Yes, but how does it feel to you?" he asked.

"Ok, well, it's rubbery and tight. She likes when I just push the soft tip of my finger against it like I'm going to violate her or something. Then I can push some more and feel her open up to me. It's a neat feeling, like the petals of a flower opening up."

He couldn't help running his fingers over Jesica's arm. When he reached her shoulder he tugged a little and she bent toward him. He gave another tug and she shumped to her knees and laid her head in his lap until he felt the softness of her cheeks against his cock.

"Scooch your legs apart Jess. That's better. I can tell you about her pussy now, sir."


"Yes. But not just wet. Pungent. I like the smell. More than any other pussy, it reminds me of sex. I can't explain it. When I discovered girls I used to like them to always smell like soap and perfume. Then I met Jess and I was a little put off by her pussy smell. But then, when we really got into it I realized how all that dank musky smell made me want to eat her like forever. It was a horniness potion; I coudn't get enough of it. But I coudn't suck her dry either, not hot little Jess.

Jess purred while Jill continued. "I can run my finger over her clit and it's like a hard little bb just covered in hot oil. She has these big, swollen cunt lips. I like them freshly shaven because she feels like velvet all over down there. Even when she wears panties, which isn't often, it's like hot to look at her because you can see that dark cleft between her legs. She can get herself so wet that you can see the spot when she stands up.

"She just about made the woman at Macy's have a heart attack once when we were trying on these dresses. I mean Jess was trying them on-- I was just there, you know, to help make sure they fit right. The woman thought we were a couple of kooks wanting to destroy the nice things they got in the store so we invited her into the dressing room to tell us just what we should be looking for in a fine evening dress. Soon as the door latches behind the three of us, Jess drops her jeans and spouts, 'gawd, am I wet down there!' and then looks the woman right in the eye and asks, 'Do you think it's normal to be horny and wet all the time--wanting to rub you fingers through your slit at odd times of day?'"

"The woman turns red. But she's like staring at these little panties pasted to Jesses' shaved twat. Jess shoves her hands down there like she's peeling them away from her flesh and starts fluttering the front of them like she's tryin' to get some air to her hairless twat. The woman tries to compose herself by looking away and says, 'you can take them off if you wish. I don't like panty lines on someone so attractive as yourself, so I understand.' Like a lightning strike Jess whips her panties off and hands them to the dumbfounded woman. She doesn't like know what to do but I can see her fingers just rubbing the crotch so slow you almost can't tell.

"Then she carefully folds the panties in half and lays them on the little shelf, then shakes out the little white number we've picked out and tells Jess to take off her blouse. Jess shucks her top and reaches for the dress but the woman slaps her hand away. Jess is still pouting when the dress is slipped over her head and the woman starts tugging it over her curves. This takes a lot of petting and patting. I mean a lot! Finally she runs her hands under Jess' titties, patting the dress down on her hard little midriff and announces like, 'Yes, this is a fine dress for you. Even without a bra, it exhudes an elegance that will be appreciated by one and all.'

"Jess is looking sorta dumbfounded at that last statement. It's way loose,' she says finally. So I go behind her and pull on it so it's tighter around her tits and ass. The woman looks and sorta gasps.

"Jess shoves her tits out more and the woman says, 'honey, not only can I see your nipples, but I can see the color of your aureole as well.'

"So Jess smiles and goes, 'like perfect!' and then says to her, 'what about down there? See anything?'

"By now the woman has some serious moisture on her upper lip as she bends over to peek at Jess' crotch. 'Well, with it all pulled tight like that I can just see a little mound between your legs. It's like a little dark spot mounding out the front of the dress, but you wouldn't wear a dress anywhere nice all tight like that of course...'

"So Jess goes right up to the woman face to face and asks, 'and why not?'

Jess lifted her head from his crotch, where his cock had grown to like her soft cheek against its hardness, "Yeah, close up she's like shaking. I can feel her tits against mine. She smells all perfumey. So I bend my knees and start rubbing my cunt against her thigh, still looking hard into her eyes. She's got this look like 'oh my god that woman's humping my leg and I might even be liking it.'

Jill took over excitedly, "So the woman says, 'we shouldn't be doing this--that's an expensive dress." and so I start rolling it up and whipping it off. Then Jess says, 'You might want to hike that skirt of yours up too 'cuz I've got a real juicer of a cunt.' And guess what, mister? She does! And then she surprises me again by bending at the knee and gyrating her thigh against Jesses steamy twat. It smells like a big cunt orgy in that little room. I shift over so I can see Jess and the woman kissing close up. Well, sorta kissing--Jess is sucking the woman's lower lip frantically like she wants to pull the woman whole into her mouth. They're really going at it. I grab some of the woman's ass, then I find I can slip my hand down under her thigh and feel the crotch of her panties, so I wiggle a finger under and slip it as far inside her pussy as I can. She's dripping. Lots of hair though. I figured it was time to give her a little thrill so I twist my wrist to start making little circles around her clit and suddenly she's jammin' her tongue down Jesses throat. I whisper to Jess to wait, to wait for me to get the woman off and she lets out this little moan like like I'm killing her or something and gives me this look like she's in pain but she goes back to her tongue play and rubbing the woman's huge titties until their lips plop apart and the woman gives a few of those 'nnngg' grunts and suddenly they're plastered tight to each other before all the jerkin' and stuff that goes on when a woman cums. I felt a little left out."

He had to lift Jesses head off his cock. Her response to hearing the story was too much--she shook enough to vibrate his cock until it just about filled his pants. He had to say something, to explain why he was moving her off him. "I'd like to feel you, Jess, feel your pussy," he said

"Sure thing, mister." He heard her get up, then something fell onto the carpet. He froze with a quizical look on his face. What was it?

"Sorry, mister, Jill was rammin' me with Big Jake while she was tellin' the story. She keeps it in her fanny pack. No shit, it makes the security guards at the steel plant all flustered when they have to look in her stuff."

He heard her grunt as she picked up the dildo, then felt the heat of her body as she positioned herself obediently between his open legs. He started his hands low, one on each leg behind her knees, then slowly walked them up her slender thighs. Encountering no cloth, he continued until her could slide the tips of his fingers over her round ass--just as Jill described it, soft, round, flecked with a sparse dusting of downy-soft hair. He bent toward her so he could palm the twin globes while letting his fingers touch together as they sunk into the crack between. His face was just above the soft mound of her cunt that perspired volcanic steam tinged with musky cunt smells and undertones of exotic spice. He gently nudged her toward his face until his forehead brushed against the soft hardness of her stomach. Those smells...

Behind Jess came the gentle squish-squish of Jill's palm rocking against her sopping twat along with the short, puffy breaths of a woman in the heat of her moment. Jill's odors--soap, sweetness, cinnamon--were faint but played out nicely in the tapestry of smells the three of them produced.

He crooked his neck to plant a kiss on the ripply surface of Jesses tummy, finding the rim of her belly button in the process. He couldn't resist sinking his tongue into it. Jess groaned and he felt her hands fumble around on his shoulders as she steadied herself. The dildo she was still holding brushed his ear. How pungent with her cuntal outpourings! He rose up and turned to lick it, feeling a soft, rubbery, cunt-wet cock for the first time in his life. His tongue ran over the cylinder. It bumped over veins, over the exaggerated helmeted head. He felt Jess rise up and lower herself onto his right leg. She started dragging her wet pussy over it back and forth, leaving a cool, wet streak along his upper thigh.

He felt the plastic cock turn and point itself into his mouth. He opened wide to let it in.

"Shit, Jess, lookie there!" exclaimed Jill, "That's hot as hell!"

Somebody was rustling about in his pants. He didn't care who. Whoever it was got his cock out in record time and started jerking it hard. He had them going. Better let that plastic cock go deeper...

It gagged him but he surpressed it. Someone was kissing him on the cheek. His cock was like hardened steel, strong enough to take the beating it was taking by that hand clamped on it, pistoning like there's no tomorrow. The other cock, the plastic one, came almost out of his mouth. He sucked hard so that it plopped when it was removed. Without it, he felt alone so he reached out and got a hand lost in the softness of Jesses tits, her hard little nipples made something to hold on to as she jerked herself against his thigh. He felt something slide between those puffy cunt lips and his thigh. The dildo, Big Jake, was soon wedged between cunt and thigh. A breast (Jill's?) fell softly against his cheek and he turned to welcome its nipple into his mouth. His free hand wrestled Jill's away from her ravaged cunt and began pumping against the prickliness of her trimmed pussy lips.

And then it happened. As Jess yelped and threw herself against him his cock, his real live hand-ravaged penis, squirted audibly. Soon after he felt a warm, wet puddle on his shirt. His hand had absentmindedly fallen from Jill's pussy during all this, and he remembered it while feeling the dildo being dragged from away from his thigh. It was the last thing he felt before falling into a deep slumber. Pity, because Jill's orgasm, a muffled whopper of a cum, created a surpising gush of liquid that soaked his carpet and left a fragrant spot he'd never see but would remember itself to him deep in autumn when, to pay homage to the changing of the seasons, he slouched onto the floor, propping himself on an elbow in order to gaze upwards out of the window, breathing deeply and pretending he could see the changing colors.

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